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How Can You Become Part Of The ONLY Blockchain Global GOLD Payment System In The World?


Did You Miss The Beginning Of Bitcoin?  Then Don't Miss This!

If you missed your chance of owning a Masternode in the Bitcoin Blockchain, here is your chance to own a Masternode or a Fullnode Seat in the Blockchain of the Only Global GOLD Payment System in the World.  Karatbars secures your money in a real asset Gold.  For over a decade Mr. Harold Seiz has been preparing a way to help the masses secure themselves and their financial future with Gold!



What is a Masternode or Fullnode?

Karatbars International has been operating since 2011 and I have been with the company since July 27, 2013, but until now I have never seen a bigger opportunity to earn!  From today anyone who accumulates one million KCB can apply for a Masternode seat in March or if they accumulate 3 million KCB they can apply for a Fullnode seat



Here's How To Get Your Masternode Or Your Fullnode...

The Masternode will pay 15% per year passive income and the Fullnode will pay 25% per year passive income which will be paid weekly!  Not only that, but the seller of the KCB will also get 100% match on what their purchaser buys.  In simple terms if you sell a €50,000 Profit package you get €50,000 of KCB (until the end of February when it drops to 75% and so on!)  This is a huge opportunity for the buyer to get a Masternode or Fullnode but also the seller.



Do You Want To Become Part Of The ONLY Blockchain Global GOLD Payment System In The World?


You may have missed being one of the early participants in Bitcoin, but that doesn't have to be the case today with The Karatbars Ecosystem.  Our goal is very ambitious.  We want to become the central bank for the whole world. With a uniquely stable coin.  Real Gold Covered.  And on blockchain basis.  Each coin represents a certain weight of gold.  Bank Independence, Cost Efficient, Predictable Value, and Crisis Proof

Become a part of something GREAT!  Create a legacy for your great grand children.  Let's get started today.  If you are a member, or if you are not a member, get in here and let's get busy!  There will be only 1000 Masternodes and only 100 Full- nodes, and you have time to earn one of them.  Everyone should want to be a part of this.  And everyone who you invite that joins, earns you as many coins as they purchase for themselves.  That's a BIG win/win. my friend!

So get back to the person who shared this message with you, and tell them you are ready to get started.  And if it was me, get started by Clicking Here

Choose the best Profit Package you can afford. And call, email or text me with your questions.  I intend to help everyone who has the desire to achieve their Master mode seat. Now Let's Get BUSY!

To your success,

L Basheer (LB) Hasan  * VIP Exclusive Gold Manager Affiliate * Karatbars International  * +1 515 991 3999 * http://savingoldnow.com