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MarketHive is a social marketing platform for entrepreneurs that have the combined power of Facebook, LinkedIn, Marketo and Amazon. Free to join, rewarding to upgrade. With an ever-growing unique visitor rank already over 25,000 per day, if you are entrepreneurial and looking for the next level in marketing, you have found it.

Creating a “Universal Income” for entrepreneurs.
Using our state-of-the-art integrated inbound marketing blockchain platform.

Delivering a dynamic social network, integrated with Inbound Marketing (SAAS), numerous commerce platforms, multiple traffic portals, all built on the blockchain, delivering a complete ecosystem for Entrepreneurs. Using the latest technology, it provides privacy, security and prosperous solutions for all business owners, marketers who require an online presence.

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Markethive is a secure private blockchain.
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By signing up for a Markethive account you will receive 500 MHV coins, which will be tradable on the coin exchanges

Your Markethive account can also earn you additional coins daily once activated.
To activate the daily Markethive faucet (Micro Payments) you must refer at least 3 people that sign up for Markethive through you.

Markethive delivers the most sophisticated marketing tools on the Internet. A similar system called Marketo just sold to Adobe for 4.75 billion.

Markethive has double the traffic and 100 times more content in the search engines than other marketing systems. Markethive will supercharge your efforts.

Markethive is a blockchain system, never bans anyone, does not sell or have access to your data. You control your data. Markethive is secure and private.

I would say come join it is free to use all the marketing tools. The Blogging Platform is sensational, easy to navigate with SEO and Social Media reach into the millions. Markethive pays you money every time you engage on the platform. A bit like how you get Ad Credits, but the earnings are not confined to internal use. 

But how and why would they do that!? 

It's Markethive's vision and mission to see all Markethive associates prosper in the right way for the right reasons. Thanks to the new blockchain technology this is now a reality. Businesses and the people in them can now flourish. 

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