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AIOP Affiliates do not only make more Money compared to most Affiliates of other programs, they also Excel in Marketing and almost dominating the online Market place. This AIOP Affiliate Domination is not yet across the board, because some are still not aware of some basic Affiliate Marketing Common Sense Tools and Services integrated in the AIOP Platform.

The AIOP Marketing and Business Building Tools and Services constitute the main reason why AIOP Affiliates succeed more, –  meaning; make more money than most affiliates of other programs. But this in itself is not good enough, as I have realized many, though making money, are still leaving a greater part of their commissions on the table. This is because they apparently do not quite understand an AIOP attribute I am about to share with you here.

AIOP Affiliates that are aware of this attribute – “the basic Affiliate Marketing Common Sense” make even more money. So, if you are an AIOP affiliate already, you have every reason to take this seriously. If you are not an AIOP Affiliate, but Affiliate of other Programs then you are lucky, because this information will help you start your affiliate business right, market the right way and succeed. Understanding this basic Affiliate Marketing Common Sense will help you succeed in any Affiliate Program  beyond reasonable doubt.

So what is basic Affiliate Marketing Common Sense (Attribute)?

I have to get this out of the way first: As you know ingredients alone do not cook you a good meal. You still have to mix them in the right order/way to get a tasty and satisfying meal for yourself. This simply means that; having the right basic Affiliate Marketing Common Sense (Attribute) without the corresponding right actions will yield you zero Results.

What is causing most affiliates, also AIOP Affiliates to leave lots of money on the table is the lack of knowledge about the basic Affiliate Marketing Common Sense which I will be explaining to you in a moment.

Normally, most affiliate programs will provide you with an affiliate link (splashes/LCPs) to promote (run traffic to). This is the greatest set up for failure. If that is the way you have been promoting/running your affiliate programs or opportunities, I am confident to say that you are not making any life changing money.

Now that you probably know why you have not been making your desired amount of money online, or failing to get people join you in your opportunities, it is time to take a look at AIOP and what is it can do for you, of course only if you want.

AIOP Like any other program Provides affiliate links (splashes/LCPs), not just a few, but multiple of them. Multiple splashes/LCPs make it difficult to quickly saturate the market with them, besides, AIOP also provides Affiliates with all the tools necessary to successfully build and promote their affiliate business. This is the attribute that most companies hardly do.

There are many reasons many companies do not provide Affiliate with effective Business Building or marketing tools, but that is not something to go into now.  But just know that, if they did, they will of course charge you HUGE for them.

Ok, let us Break down what AIOP Offers Affiliates at no Extra Cost.

These 10 reason are not meant to be all that make AIOP Affiliate stand out, but just a hint to create more aware as to why some Affiliate are more successful than others.

As an AIOP Affiliate, you would have full unrestricted and unlimited access the following Business Building Tools and Services.

  1. Your own Premium web HOSTING package, where you can host your own websites or blogs to build and promote your business
  2. Your own Autoresponder, which enable you collect your own leads to communicate with whenever and how often you want. Your leads go to you, and not to the company.
  3. Your own splash pages/LCPs linked to your personal Auto Responder, plus a Splash/LCP builder, so you can build your own unique pages to beat any competition and avoid market saturation by company pages.
  4. Your own Personal Tracking System, so you can know exactly how you are doing in your marketing efforts
  5. Your own Personal downline builder, where you can add other programs or opportunities in which you are involved. This is the best way to promote multiple programs passively by using just one (AIOP) campaign.
  6. AIOP Advertising Network: Gives you the best advertising solution to expose your business to more eyeballs.
  7. AIOP – COOP: at the professional level, the company will even provide premium quality traffic of 1.000 hits per month to your affiliate link at no extra cost to you. And if you are a very busy guy, you can even buy more co-op hits.
  8. AIOP – Rotator: this gives you the possibility to promote multiple opportunities by just using a single link.
  9. AIOP Affiliate know about the above tools and services, have access to them, use some or all of them daily in their business.
  10. Sharing the above tools and Services with others.

These are all professional Industry’s leading business building tools and services, that many Companies do not provide, and others that provide them charge a ton of money monthly for each of them.

AIOP has bundled up all these Tools and Services and have made them available to every Affiliate at no extra cost. These are the tools and services that AIOP affiliates use in their business to dominate the market place.

Because of the value that these Tools and Services bring to the Marketplace to help the Small Guy succeed, a whole review site has been set up to review these products and Services individually to help even more people understand AIOP better, the AOP Products and Services, and ultimately use them to achieve their own breakthroughs.

AIOP Affiliate do not only make more money and dominate the Market place, but they also save tons of money monthly just by using the AIOP products and Services. This is money they can easily invest in other aspects of their Business to grow it even more.

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So if you find any issues with any of the content, DO NOT contact AIOP Company. Use the “contact us” form on the AIOP Products Review site to contact us and we will be more than happy to attend to your concerns.

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Good luck and much success in your marketing efforts.

Pete Ade