Building Pro spring lotto Opportunity Successfully Even If You’re Brand New.

How to make a huge success with Pro Spring Lotto Opportunity

You do not need to be a network marketing guru or and internet marketing wiz to make a huge success of Pro Spring lotto Opportunity.

Following this simple script idea has built teams in the hundreds of thousands in the past, use the tools you have available to you and let them sell the idea for you.

Firstly get out your phone, you are going to start at the top and no prejudge anyone, call every person in your phone. The ones who you think will not be interested will be the ones who are and vice versa.

  1. Ring someone up.
  1. Say Hi (Name) I am glad I caught you. I have found something pretty exciting and you were the first person I thought of because I know you’re smart and open minded.

Listen like I say I don’t have much time as I am running out the door, so to save time if I send you a 15 minute video would you watch it.

  1. They will say yes or know or what’s it about.
  1. You say laughing its about 15 minutes long but it’s interesting, like I said I am running out the door but I wanted to share this with you, the video can explain it better than I can anyway. If I sent you the video would you watch it?
  1. They will now say yes.
  1. You say great if I send it to you now, what time do you think you can watch it?
  1. They will say a time.
  1. You say: ok so if I call you back at (30 minutes later) you will have watched it and we can talk then?

(You have to get a time form them and call them back 30 minutes later)

  1. When you call them back you say this and only this, WHAT DID YOU LIKE BEST, Shut up and let them reply.
  1. you say (name) could you do what I just done with you ? Could you call someone up and ask them if I showed you a video would you watch it, they will say sure.

You say well (NAME) that is as simple as it is to make some pretty decent money from this game, just do exactly what I done with you with 5 other people.

Send them your link get them signed up and send them this to follow.