Posted by Pete Ade on April 26, 2018 - 9:51amEdited 5/22 at 6:55am

Instead of speculating, you have a once in a life time Opportunity to find that out for sourself.

Markethive is preparing to make all of you wealthy!

This is the statement recently released by the Markethive CEO and Founder – Thomas Prendergast. This statement was released exclusively in an email to current markethive members. Given the potential benefit this will bring to markethive members, I thought, it would not hurt to alert smart non-markethive members to grab same opportunity.

Markethive is a state-of-the-art integrated inbound social network and marketing platform and has been running successfully for the past 4 years. You are welcome to become markethive member today and benefit from the biggest marketing transformation and sharing of wealth in history.

Markethive is one of the best platforms out there today for inbound marketing smart marketers are taking to the moon. Not only can you use it 100% free to build any business, it is easy, very effective and it works.

Does anyone care about Markethive coins?

Yes, I do. I will not have to pay to get them, as they will be released through an Airdrop.

Now, markethive is about to transform entirely into blockchain, a state-of-the-art integrated inbound marketing platform, social network, artificial intelligence, business services, e-wallet, coin exchange, mining datacenter, and faucet lead portals for success in the crypto-preneurial and entrepreneurial markets.

Markethive will be releasing their own markethive coins in the form of an airdrop. This means that existing members of the platform will be reward with these coins. Furthermore, as you use the platform, you get more coins awarded to you as reward for every action you perfume on the platform. These actions include the introduction of new members to the platform.

I cannot stress the need for you now to be part of this platform, especially as it will not cost you anything. Becoming a member now will give you unrestricted and an unlimited access to most services of the platform, plus you will position yourself to get the markethive coins through the airdrop.

At this point, it is not clear yet, how many coins you will, as current markethive member, received in the initial airdrop, per activity performed on the platform, or through the introduction of new members. All I can tell you is that, irrespective of the number of coins, this will be huge and will benefit you tremendously.

The markethive platform is a Social Networks and Inbound Marketing platform that is already functioning. You can start using it today, no waiting. By transforming this platform to block chain, the sky will not even be a limit to how much money one could make, just through the coins.

When you combine Social Networks with Inbound Marketing add a business services platform with an exchange integrated with the blockchain and a 4 year running proven system and you have a formula to release (unveil) a billion dollar enterprise, what else can you expect?

You will get filthy wealthy. I cannot guarantee that, but I am excited to be in it already and will be at the beginning of something HUGE

Do you want to be part of it? You better do!

Join markethive today and join us on an upcoming online markethive conference during which more light will be shed on what you are really into. More information on this Markethive conference will be in your market hive back office.

Joining markethive is easy, just one click. Use this link to join market hive today,

You will be glad you did.

Welcome to Markethive.

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