What most don´t know about the Angel Business Club

Posted by Pete Ade on April 02, 2018 - 8:14am Edited 4/19 at 11:24am

The simplest and most affordable way to Save, grow your money and make more money through great investments.

Welcome to the Angel Business Club

Europe's largest community of business angels, available worldwide.

The Angel Business Club is a private members Club and business accelerator which provides human and financial capital to businesses wanting to accelerate growth. In return, the Club participates in the growth of these Companies through equity participation, which is allocated as free equity entitlements to all active subscribing members.

It is exclusive, Members' only investment Club with thousands of active members around the world. If you ever wanted to invest in multiple startup businesses or small growing businesses, then the Angel Business Club is your best address to reap the rewards of your investments. Membership to the Angel Business Club is by invitation only. Members of the Club have a reduced risk through a diverse portfolio, but also benefit as this substantially increases their chances of huge gains.

Join the Club and receive £16 to £200 worth of FREE shares in different Companies every week

The Club is 100% free to join, and as a free member, you would have limited access to most resources. But if you choose an affordable monthly contribution, you receive free shares every week in great start-up businesses. These free shares are equal to the amount of your monthly contribution. As an Angel Investor, you'll get access to exciting opportunities that normally are reserved only for the mega wealthy. All this you get without the need of any previous investment, financial knowledge or a big bank account!

The Angel Business Club carefully selects opportunities where they can add value through human capital and skills as well as financial input. The Angel Business Club is NOT just a kind of crowdfunding Club, it's a business accelerator where everyone has the same interest in seeing the businesses it invests in, succeed.

Participating in the Angel Business Club is simple.

1.      Join the Club for free

2.      Choose your monthly Subscription, if you wish

3.      Sit back and watch your portfolio grow.

Key Benefits

1.   Free to join: There's no cost to join the Club. As a free member, you get limited access to Club benefits. If you decide to choose a simple, affordable monthly contribution, you will be receiving £16 to £200 worth of FREE shares in different Companies every week. You are in control of your account at all times.

2.   Safe and secure: All investments offered through the Club are made via a UK FCA approved and regulated company, Angel Corporate Finance Ltd FCA Registration Number: 189495

3.   Receive shares every week: Upgraded Club members receive free shares each Wednesday in well selected startup or established small growing businesses. You will see your portfolio of diverse shares in different Companies grow every week.

4.   Free Training and Webinars: You can attend live weekly webinars at no extra cost and get all the latest details on the businesses the Club has invested in.

Proven track record

The Angel Business Club has an amazing track record, having invested in over a dozen young businesses in the last 2 years. Two have already floated on the London Stock Exchange.

A fast-growing portfolio

The Angel Business Club was founded in 2015 and has already built up an impressive diverse portfolio of investments in different Companies for it's members.  Two of their investments already successfully floated on the London Stock Exchange and others looking to float in the stock market soon.

You are always in control of your Investments

Subscription in the Club is not mandatory, but if you do, you will reap the best benefits. You are always in control of your subscription, you can cancel anytime and you will NOT lose your shares. You can choose to hold onto your shares or you can sell them to other Club members any time you want. Most members of the Club are in it for the medium to long term, to let their shares appreciate to their full potential value before exiting, when the company becomes a takeover target or floats on a public stock exchange.

If you want to "cash out" early, you can sell your shares any time you want in the private internal share exchange. The internal share exchange facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your Opportunity to Hands free investments

How cool or simple it is to join a club, choose a subscription level, sit back and watch your portfolio grow? One of the great strengths of the Club is that members don't need to make any investment decisions personally.

Many members treat the Club as a simple savings plan. They Just choose an affordable monthly contribution plan and let the experts make the investments for them. You too can do the same, register, select a subscription level, sit back and receive shares every week in brilliant, young, startup companies. All the shares have potential for massive growth. Your portfolio of shares grows every week, totally hands free.

The Angel Business Club has a successful Track Record

Angel investing can be very profitable. In 2016 Club members saw the value of their shares grow by between 21% and 56% in the year. There are no guarantees of returns, but the track record of the Club so far is that they have invested in good companies that are growing successfully.

There will be failures, that's the nature of all businesses, but you will get a wide portfolio of shares over time, minimizing the risk as much as possible, whilst at the same time increasing the chances of finding the corporate superstars of tomorrow.

Join thousands of happy Angel Business Club members worldwide to share in this Happiness.

And if you really want to take your Angel Club Membership to the MOON, check out the Business Club Affiliate Opportunity. You can regular and life changing income, just by inviting beyond your family members and friends, even co-workers to benefit from the Club services.

As an active member of the Club you can generate a regular income with their excellent, FREE TO JOIN, affiliate program. As soon as you start sharing the benefits of the Club with others, you can earn instant cash bonuses, which you can withdraw anytime direct to your bank account every week.

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