Posted by David Ogden on August 24, 2015 - 5:57am
Our big event of the year, the move back to the UK is now over and now is time to reflect, take stock and plan for the future. I am a very goal orientated person and have been for most of my life. My major goal was to retire at 55,and at times I wondered how this would be achieved. I set out to work hard always aiming to being paid what I thought I was worth, Perhaps I was lucky. Many people complain about their jobs and my advice to them was for them to find a job. I discovered that work found me and this resulted in being able to retire early at 50 and then to move forward and live my dream taking up Adventure Racing and travelling and living wherever I wanted.

Eight Years ago whilst living in Malaysia I met the woman who would become my wife and we moved to the Philippines, before getting married in Cyprus and returning to the UK to educate our son. Life has changed and family responsibility results in the need to set new goals at the time most people retire.

Taking stock financially we are stable, however an extra 1-2,000 per month would provide extra's such as holidays, lifestyle changes and saving for the future. Time to set up some goals. Main goal to double monthly income. secondary goal bring in an extra 1,000 per month.

Options for achieving these goals include finding jobs for myself and or Jasmin, my wife. Now I am not afraid of work but this would mark a big change in our relationship, there was a time in Cyprus when we both we working but in the end I worked part time. So the best solution it seems at the moment is for one of us to work full or part time.

Now I like many others have always had a secondary online business some successful others not so, however moving around the world took its toll as product were often restricted to certain countries. It is hard to find a product that is truly worldwide.

I have however built up knowledge of  Internet marketing mainly based upon a system called Veretekk which actually earn't me money as well as providing a suit of marketing tools until it was sold in 2013. I am however involved with its successor a system called MarketHive which is undergoing a soft launch and also offers the opportunity to earn money.

MarketHive is a groundbreaking marketing system and a worthy successor to Veretekk, redesigned from the ground up to include latest technology advances and it offers, free for lifetime, integrated marketing tools.

Why you might ask have I not heard of MarketHive well the answer is that its still in Beta test mode, being used by Founder Members such as myself who are providing monetary support in order to help complete the development and who will ultimately share in the profits as a kind of crowdfunding project.

You might question how a Free marketing system can produce money and the main answer is from Advertising, in the same way that the likes of Facebook and LinkedIm earn money.

Talking of Social Sites. Markethive is also a social site for business, where entrepreneurs can share their experiences via chats, blogs, video and conferencing from one central dashboard, which automatically updates other social media.

Now I believe that MaketHive has the potential to enable us to achieve our goals, so that now like any other entrepreneur I am focussing my time and effort firstly to assist in reporting bugs in the system and then to market and advice people how to get the best out of the system so they can market their own business.

If you are looking to market your business, take a look look at Markethive, it even offers a way to share in profits.

David Ogden
MarketHive Founder Member