Are You Looking for a Business Idea

Posted by David Ogden on February 03, 2015 - 11:03am
There are so many one legged businesses on the Internet it is not surprising that so many people continue to get conned by all this monkey business. Do you really get helped in an MLM business, Yes they build one power line, root, call it what you want, and sure it grows and grows. Suckers such as yourself are struggle to survive. with little or no help from your sponsor.

You alienate your friends and family, building a stockpile of overpriced products which may or may not benefit your health as they drain your finances. Do you really want to keep purchasing products for the rest of your life so your up line remain qualified. I think not.

If you have money to spend there are a number of ways of earning money without working. You could gamble it away! another mugs game. You could put it in a banks but interest rates are at an all time low. You could invest it. The property market can give good returns but you need large amounts of money. or you could become an entrepreneur.

Eric Worre's video Rise of the Entrepreneu is inspirational and gets many people fired up. So what is an Entrepreneur - "The owner or manager of a business enterprise who, by risk and initiative, attempts to make profits ". But you might say that is what I attempted to become when I joined XYZ. No you were not the owner or manager, merely a distributor/customer.

Entrepreneurs are not born,they are created, they use their life experiences to create something better. MarketHive is such a creation and the owners are seeking limited partners to further the project by becoming Alpha Founders, its an interesting proposition, which I recommend you to consider as it offers the possibility of earning incoming without working.

David Ogden