Posted by David Ogden on September 25, 2015 - 10:12am Edited 9/25 at 10:12am

Competition Effects Your Business

The human race is born to compete, from the earliest time it was survival of the fittest, battles and wars have been going on for thousands of year. Thankfully, for the last 30 years we have been spared major conflicts, however if you attend any sporting event you will still see teams and individuals who wish to better their opponents or competitor, and the same can be found in both politics and business. Nobody wants to be the loser.

Now some people say that competition is good for you, it gets the best out of you, but it is not always so. I am a keen fan of Formula One, where the difference between success and failure can be measured in 100 th of a second.

Watch any race and after the first laps you will see battles start to develop between various cars, some driving for the same teams. The drivers battling for position slowly but surely start dropping behind the cars in front, as they focus on attacking and defending their position. Usually the car at the front only has to maintain a good pace, knowing that chasing drivers will need to drive faster than him to close the distance.

If a driver wishes to get on the podium they need to avoid getting involved in long lasting jostling for position and make quick and decisive passes.

Business is the same, one needs to be carefully not to become embroiled in a price war with your competitors because it will distract you from running your business, you need to focuses on what you do best and provide value for money.

MarketHive the new free marketing system does have competitors such as Ibotoolbox another free system but but they are looking at different markets, because MarkHive's target is companies which provide paid services such as emailing systems. On the face of it Ibotoolbox is higher ranked in Alexa than MarketHive, but they have presence in very different countries. What is more interesting is that Visitors to MarketHive spend nearly twice the amount of time on MarketHive 13.38 - 6:30 and also view more pages, this bodes well for the future, as marketers discover exactly what MarketHive is about.

MarketHive will compete directly with the likes of GetResponse, Constant Contact, Aweber and Mail Chimp not only because it is free but because it more than matches or even surpasses the technical aspects in order meet high email delivery targets, on top of which it supplier additional features and tool essential for marketing any business, in a social media dominated world.

One strong feature within MarketHive is a WordPress Plugin, rather than competing, MarketHive improves WordPress by making it easy for members of the community to add blog posts from their friends and groups automatically into any WordPress blog.

One of MarketHive's aim is to become a marketing centre with the provision of marketing tools, where marketers can not only share information and tips with one another but also disseminate information across other social media sites.