Posted by David Ogden on September 12, 2015 - 4:03pm Edited 9/25 at 4:09am

Effective teamworkDoes MarketHive have the right team. This is a question raised by chief market researcher within the planning group of MarketHive. The principle player within MarketHive is its CEO Thomas Prendergast, formally referred to as "the Godfather" in the days of Veretekk.  Tom is a marketing profession who cut is teeth by running his own advertising agency before coming up with the idea of creating his own online marketing company Veretekk.

Officially launched as an affiliate opportunity on 1st April 2004. But Veretekk started a long time before that. It has always been his vision and a mission.

"I am the CEO of Veretekk. My name is Thomas Prendergast and I welcome you to Veretekk. Veretekk has been my personal mission for over 10 years. That mission is to empower you, the individual to greatness via the Internet. I have been on the Internet before Al Gore invented it."

Tom sold Veretekk in 2014 because the technology was old but he was already planning and working on a  replacement which  would become a marketing force multiplier ensuring that anyone using the new marketing system would benefit from the built linking systems to poplar social marketing systems.

Tom had been supported all this time by a long term business partner , however they had struggled to find capable engineers capable of converting ideas into systems and keeping them maintained. During 2013 his partner took over the engineering of the new system called MarketHive. Somewhere along the line Mike lost sight of his dream and as Peter Thiel  says in his book zero to one, you need to have people committed to the company.

"They should enjoy going to the office so much formal business hours become obsolete and nobody watches the clock."

The sudden void in a key area of the business needed to be filled quickly, so Tom turned to his group of MarketHive founder members, a group of people who share his vision. Many members had been associated with him for a number of years and he started to ask who had skill sets to fill the void. Within days a new team started to form. A new engineer was  appointed from the ranks of MarketHive Members. System reviews were carried out and work prioritised. Within a short time updates have started to  appear and other members of the MarketHive community are stepping up to assist wherever they can. This is what team work is about and I believe this demonstrates that  MarketHive has the right team.