Posted by David Ogden on August 02, 2015 - 3:55pmEdited 8/2 at 3:55pm
Since I have moved house I have discovered that I have more possessions than I have space for, despite having discarded and sold items that I no longer use. My original plan was to store my mountain bike in the garden shed, however this is too small so, I considered purchasing a second shed, or storage box to place in the garden.
I was browsing Halfords online shop and two items items attracted my attention, name a a three cycle bike rack and a multi-bike, all weather cover.. These two items would seem to meet my requirements but also allow me to store additional bike for my wife and son.
Security was a bit of concern, however the rack can be bolted to the ground and the bikes secured to the rack with cycle locks plus an additional chain attached to the house.
I believe that I obtained a great deal as Halfords were running a 3 for 2 deal, so I did not need to pay for the bike cover saving £19.99.
Now Lyoness sells Halfords gift cards, so I purchased £60 worth of cards from Lyoness which I ordered online and they were delivered in two days. Buying from Lyoness resulted in me earning a further 3% cashback plus 1.7 sales points.
When money is tight all these little saving can add and rather that taking my cashback in cash, I convert them into units in the Lyconet system which will in time will produce much greater savings.