Posted by David Ogden on January 28, 2015 - 11:03am Edited 1/28 at 4:16pm
One way to build your inbound marketing business is to ensure your blog posts reach a huge audience and also have many links coming into your site. This requires having a number of blogging assets spread over the Internet under your control. so how can you accomplish this. You need to purchase keyword related domain names and use subdomains on a number of different hosting companies, so that each asset you use has different IP Internet address. It also helps to purchase domain names from different providers as well.

Not everyone can afford afford these expenses when starting out so I have started compiling a list of companies offering free hosting to help get you started. Free hosting does have some restrictions and is not as reliable as paid hosting, but you are only going to upload one file onto your site, so you do not need anything fancy.

The key requirement is to have no advertising, be able to run PHP and Curl and have a way to upload or create a simple PHP file. you can do a Google search with these parameters and find there are plenty of choices. Below are a few that I am using with MarketHive.

  •  You need to purchase a domain uses Cpanel Example
  •   You can use free subdomain uses it own control panel Example
  •   You need to purchase a domain uses Cpanel free site needs renewing every 60 days need modify your php file Example is a popular free site but does not support PHP however you can use a free subdomain and post an RSS feed as full page. Example

If you are getting a Curl error the first thing to do is to edit your php file Instructions are given in the group forum "How Do I Use My Market-Hive System| System support Forums"

As you start adding new sites don't forget to add them to your asset map in the Campaigns section of MarketHive

Well that's my starter for ten now you have no excuse for not using the tools that will bring you success and it does not even need to cost you one cent! so what are you waiting for.

David Ogden
Inbound Marketing Mentor