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Blog size is important when it comes to creating a blog post. I am starting to think that I need to step up and start making longer blog posts in order to take into account the requirements of Google for good informative content. The average size of my blog posts for many years has been around 300 words and perhaps this is on the short side according some recent discussion taking place on the Warrior forum Optimum blog post sizewhere I actually posted the following:-
"I keep hearing about long articles being better for SEO and bringing in more clicks and shares, is that a myth or does it have some merit in your opinion?"

I personally tend to think of an Article as being a minimum of 600 words with an optimum size being between 1600- 2500 anything smaller I refer to as a blog post with an optimum size being between 300- 500.

I regard blogs posts as being something that I will produce everyday whereas an article will take more time to put together. Longer article should aim to keep your readers on your site for around seven minutes on one particular subject during which time they can read around 1,600 words.

A blog may display say 3 smaller post totaling the same 1,600 words however the reader could be reading about a mixture of subjects which be confusing.

I read a blog post on another forum just the other day ,from a friend of mine, who actually writes content every day which he builds into articles or around 1,600 words and he has found this very effective for his SEO purposes I think I might even consider this approach myself in the future."

I have mulled over my thoughts and those of others and have done some more research of my own including looking back on some data put together in 2010 on blogging in various Niches which is shown in the table
It is interesting to see that blog posts of around 300 words are often used for news items and where there is a fast turnover of information
Marketing blog posts are 500 to over 1000 words long and gossiping or social media as we call it is below 200 words. The popular health niche blog posts are around 600- 800 words.
I believe this table helps explain why when  people  gather together  to discuss optimum lengths in forums and the like there are a number of different views each of which is right for the industry the person  is involved in.
During my research I came across another site providing information on the optimal lengths to use in social media.
This provides some very practice and easy to follow advice about headers and contents etc. I realised that having read through the advice myself I need to take a new approach with my social media, one fit for all is not the best way way to present what you are doing. This is a great blog post with all the statistic in one place

I am now starting to work on a new blog strategy which will also include posting a picture in my blog posts because as they say a picture can paint a thousand words and double the size of my normal blog posts to 600. Will also be making shorter posts on forums. My social media posts I will need further research  as this could be a big area of change and i have never really being happy with Facebook and how I use it..

Writing what I refer to as an article of 1,600 words which would appear to be optimum will take some planning and time. My writing style at the moment is that I tend to write how I speak and I prefer to say as little as possible. I will need to put structure and order into the content as thought it were a formal speechand also set aside the time to put it all together.

Welcome to what will be the first of my new style of blog posts.
David Ogden
This is great. I was just beginning to shorten my posts underestimating my readers. I don't completely agree with the extremely short requirements suggested for Facebook and other social media. I have been practising what I call the art of the short article, 75 to 100 words with one point and 3 sub points, It is not as easy as it seems. Long articles have 3 to 5 points with 3 sub points about 750 t0 1,200 words. 300 words for news items is a great target. This helps. Thanks
March 5, 2015 at 6:54pm