Posted by David Ogden on February 04, 2015 - 9:43am
MarketHive is starting to buzz now that Alpha members have been given access to their new profile/capture page. So what is the big deal about MarketHive, well its a state of the art suite of marketing tools which you can give away for free. The tools took over two years to develop and would normally cost around $3000 per per month. They include autoresponders, blogs and blog enhancement tools, social networking including groups,forums, videos, companies, and rotators. There is something for everyone inbound marketers, social networkers, cognitive leads and our own Alpha programs.

If you want to know more you only need to go to one site (see we even have a tiny url system). You sign up using your popular social media connecting, or if you are not sure you can watch a video about the aspect of marketing that you are interest in which will explain just how the system can work for you. It that Simple!

MarketHive has a rolling launch sequence but all the key features are working and being used by Alpha Founder who are getting a head start. Becoming an alpha founder is a way of earning residual income and collecting leads which you can use in your business !

why not join me

David Ogden
MarketHive Alpha Founder