Posted by David Ogden on January 07, 2015 - 11:03amEdited 1/16 at 7:36am


Why do people insist in making things difficult for themselves regarding SEO. Perhaps they have not heard of the KISS principal Keep It Simple Stupid. In order to reach top positions all you need to do is research your keywords and then provide daily content via RSS feeds or blogs. Notice I said daily content, this is important as well as ensuring that the content is about your keywords, so for instance if you are targeting MarketHive, that needs to be the name of your web site or blog. The content should be about the benefits or advantages of how to use MarketHive. Often people worry about things such as keyword density but to be honest if you write normally you do not need to worry about this.

Meta tags are often overlooked but are still important as they let search engine spider know about the keywords in the web site and also contain a general description of the site which will often be shown in the search engine results. So it is natural that both the keyword tag and description tag should contain you keyword MarketHive.

Another area of SEO that people get wrong is back linking many people resort to reciprocal linking, where you advertise another persons links on you site and they return the favour. I question this, would it not be better to ensure that your links are one way links coming into your blog or web site with the words "MarketHive" or what ever other keyword you are promoting contained in the link. One way of doing this is to use classified advertising but again not in the way most people do this.

SEO classified ads contain information just like a blog, not sales blurb, with of course a keyword link such as MarketHive to you main site which you are promoting. Again to be effective write at least one classified ad on a daily basis.

The above simple actions will over a period of time produce thousands of back links which will take any site to the top of targeted results.

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