Posted by David Ogden on January 18, 2015 - 8:47amEdited 1/18 at 8:48am
MarketHive is a new inbound market system which combines marketing tools with a social business network. The site has just started a soft launch. All the tools on the system are free but you have limited access until you verify that you are a real person.

I personally believe this verification is a great idea because it discourages people from having multiple accounts which are unnecessary and you know that fellow members are serious about promoting their business opportunities using the tools rather than tyre kickers

The #markethive verification process requires every member to enter their credit or debit card details into the system which then checks the card is valid,

Don't worry no charge is made on the card and the card details are secure not even the owners or staff of MarketHive have access to your details, its between You and the Banks.

Card details are never displayed even in your back office, so even if your MarketHive account is compromised no details of your card are displayed.

David Ogden
Inbound Marketing Mentor