Posted by David Ogden on February 11, 2015 - 6:01am
There was a time not that long ago that to market on the internet you needed to have a good site and some people still stick to these guideline. Well in search engine optimisation terms you need to keep the site simple.
  • A good keyword specific title and website address.
  • Use Metatags for Keywords and Descriptions
  • Do not use flash, it cannot be read by search engine robots
  • If you use photos or links make sure they are tagged with your keywords.
  • Build a keyword specific home page with content to attract search engine spiders
  • Use an RSS feed from a blog to provide daily updates about your business, services or products
  • Keep the design clean with simple coding for fast loading using an HTML editor designed for the job such as Edit Plus rather than specialised web building software or Microsoft Word which adds lots of redundant code.
The rise in social media has resulted in blogs and social sites producing good traffif and they are certianly much easier to produce than a traditional website.

A lot of people have a problem with creative writing, but as a business owner this should not be a problem, if you can talk about your business, then just put it into writing. Now there are a some people who try to sell products or services that they have little or no knowledge about and to be honest they are heading for failure. The only way to turn this around is to learn about the product. If you are in this situation as you learn about your product or service, write about what you are learning. this will both give you more knowledge but at the same time will promote your business, its a win win situation, and is what creative writing is all about.

If you are ever running short of creative writing content use the Internet to search for information about some aspect of your business and then rewrite the information in your own words adding your own twist.

David Ogden