Posted by David Ogden on September 08, 2015 - 4:06pm Edited 9/8 at 4:06pm

Time for Change

Sailors quite often use the saying

Time and tide wait for no one

So it is inevitable that as time passes online systems need updating and MarketHive although relatively new is no exception and already being enhanced.

the incredible growth in mobile products and apps bake it essential that all sites are mobile friendly and this omission is now being rectified.

Blogging lies at the centre of MarketHive and it is not surprising that changes are being made in this area. The Blogpress system has been retired and replaced by a Wordpress plug which allows members of MarketHive to share their blogs and also have them posted into Wordpress blogs

A new WYSIWYG editor is also being tested at the moment which includes a spell checker which was missing from the old blog editor. this post is being written with the new editor. One thing you can do is set the spell checker to check word as you write. People who have an understanding of HTML can enter the source code as an alternative by using the source  button. I you wish to enter images in you text you have to select from an online source at the moment. I have also noticed when selecting Block Quote it blocks the whole paragraph.

Yesterday i was playing around with images and could not find how  to wrap text around an image. Today i noticed the system has some templates one of which includes a picture at top  so I am now testing it. Well things did not work out exactly as I wanted, so I had to tinker with the source code to get exactly what I wanted. One other point to remember is to select the template when you start otherwise you use your content. I do not know if it is possible but it would be good if you could store your own custom templates

  •  this is a test of bulleted list
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  • quick and easy to to use

Icon stay highlighted when in use



this is part of my testing overall i like the direction we are moving RIP blogpress
September 8, 2015 at 4:08pm