Posted by David Ogden on March 02, 2015 - 7:26am
Today I was looking on the MarketHive fan page on Facebook, where I posted the following:-
"I am wondering what has happened nothing seems to have happened for a week on this site, surely not everyone can be on holiday at the same time, or maybe the strange weather is to blame.

I always stress to people that is important to do something for your business every single day. I actually have a series of repetitive tasks which are now a daily routine and they include checking this site.

Usually there are items posted here that either attract my attention and I can comment on, or maybe strike a cord and spur me to write a blog post on a particular subject. You see writing a daily blog post is also on my list, so that sometimes I will use this page on Facebook or posts on the Warrior forum or MarketHive itself for inspiration.

As I am writing this I think I might know what is happening, people are starting to write more within #MarketHive about business, and leaving Facebook for people to discuss how they spent the weekend. Perhaps they have forgotten that they also need to use the Facebook fan page to attract more people to this suite of free marketing tools."

I am not an expert on Facebook myself and in fact do not like Facebook but it can be good for business so that is what I use it for, and I do have a couple of fan pages. Facebook like any form of marketing requires you to keep feeding the fire, which is one of the reasons that I control all my marketing from within MarketHive.

You see MarketHive connects to Facebook and other social sites, so that when you make a blog post in MarketHive, its quick and easy to share it with friends and groups on the other systems, no retyping or copy and pasting. Once you set up the MarketHive blogging assets you can expect each post to have a thousand views in 24 hours growing to over five thousand during a week.

You might ask yourself why this is and the answer is that MarketHive is becoming a social network in its own right and members can work together and share information of common interest both as individuals and within interest groups, including posting on each other blogs. It is even possible to post a blog online and have it updated without ever writing a post at all, although why you would want to do this I am not sure.

I actually find that MarketHive can save me a lot of time because all the essential marketing tools are on hand and designed to work together in a way that is easy to learn and understand and provide you with great results with its custom capture pages, autoresponders and blogs, together with the support from specialised groups, forums and its growing social network of members even before our official launch.

David Ogden