Posted by David Ogden on March 01, 2015 - 9:46am
I answered a question on the Warrior forum today regarding starting a new blog and if adding articles he had written earlier all at once when first publishing his blog was a good idea, or just to seed them in over time.

There are no set rules on what is the best practice when starting a blog, its very much up to each individual to adopt their own writing style. A new blog is best started with placing some interesting posts to kick start your content writing, say per perhaps half a dozen article and then add posts every day.

You are going to be doing a lot of writing, so I hope you have done your research well and know everything there is to know about what it is your blog is about or what it is you are selling. By the end of the first year your blog will be looking good with around 300-400 entries, at this stage maybe you will reduce the frequency with which you post to your blog, hopefully, not because you have run out of material, but because people are responding and the blog is successful and you need to spend more time developing more income or starting other projects.

A mistake some people fall into is to place short sales posts in their blog and these can actually become annoying. You need to provide the answers to what customers are looking for, so that they will interact you and wish to earn more by subscribing to your information.

Many people like to build their blogs on wordpress because its easy to use and has lots of plugins but I discovered that every pluggin you use is providing free links from your sites to the developer so I moved away to the free blogging system provided by MarketHive, yes there are no plugins however due to the way the blogs are integrated with a custom designed marketing system each of my post gets 2,000-5,0000 plus views which I find quite incredible.

David Ogden

I wrote a significant story about my walk with the Holy Spirit (This is to illustrate a point). The reason I wrote it is to support my involvement in the final harvest for Christ and the coming tribulations. (That is another story all together).

I send many to read it. It is a small book. I often hear from the 20 something generation, "I read a few paragraphs) the post is about 140 pages long.

I think we need to also do narration via Youtube for our posts. What do you think?
March 1, 2015 at 11:43am