Posted by David Ogden on September 23, 2015 - 5:30am Edited 9/24 at 7:43am

A growing number of people are discovering the MarketHive the social media site for business entrepreneurs. Staffing problems have been the cause of delays to the launch of the system, however these have now been resolved and the opportunity has been taken to review the system in the light of ever changing technology.

A new team is at present reworking some of the systems, so that rather than attempting to compete with the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, MarketHive will concentrate on building apps which will make the likes of WordPress better. whilst providing active social and business interaction with fellow members

The blogging and messaging systems which lie at the heart of social media marketing have been revamped so as to provide ways for members share their thoughts and work with millions of others like minded people.

Changes behind the scenes have ensured that when you use the free system tools such as Capture pages and auto responders you messages will reach your target audience and much more work is in the pipeline.

MarketHive is launching a simple but effective affiliate program which will reward Alpha members with between 25-50% commissions when they introduce other Alpha subscribers.

MarketHive is a social neural network which offers free tools for life to help build your business and communicate with other entrepreneurs, however some people want more and this is where Alpha membership comes in. Alpha members have a special capture page on MarketHive which they can connect to tier MarketHive auto responder to promote their business or MarketHive itself. Other benefits of becoming a subscriber is that each month you will have $100 of advertising credits to place an advert on the system. Alpha Subscribers pay only $100 per month so in effect membership is free.

Currently there is a further level of members an that is to become an Alpha founder such as myself by paying an one off payment for Life of $1,200, with the following additional benefits :30 days of advertising credits on sign up and  they also have a  shares in a rotator of people who sign up to the root directory of MarketHive

One of the things that attracted me to MarketHive was the ease of getting my blogs in front of more people, although I was sad to see the demise of Blogpress. the new MarketHive widget for WordPress has led me back to using WordPress which is used on over 60 million Websites. Blogpress was limited to a single page setup whereas WordPress can become a multi page Website. I drive information to my blogs from the MarketHive blogging section and it is simple and effective.

MarketHive is a force multiplier when it comes to blogging, for example a blog which may get 50 to 100 views normally can get 2,000+. I have some posts with approaching 50,000 views.

To summarise MarketHive is An Advertising and Marketing Social Network platform including the following:

  • Personal email lists
  • Text messaging
  • Page hosting
  • Social groups
  • Webinar conferencing
  • Blogging force multiplier
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Lead development and communications
  • Meeting alerts.

David Ogden