Posted by David Ogden on November 08, 2015 - 9:10am

MarketHive is an extraordinary product/system, the brainchild of one Tom Prendergast who has been marketing online from the time of the launch of the personal computers.

It is difficult to describe exactly what it is, It is a combined flexible marketing system and social business oriented social network , but it goes beyond that, Its a place where members can share knowledge and in some cases influence the future direction of the system.

Marketing has changed over the years to make use of changes in technology, now you have mobile devices which have multiple functions and ways to instantly communicate with friends, family, business and other systems. Sometimes it is a bit overwhelming, do you really want to be contactable 24/7. Junk mail still comes through your letterbox, but also comes in the form of pop ups , emails and text messages. This is on top of advertising in newspapers, magazines, TV, Radio and Advertising hoardings.

MarketHive is finding its own Niche, when it started out it was planned to take on the likes of Facebook, Linked In, You tube, WordPress, and Aweber, with its own inbuilt products such as blogpress, but now it is producing tools and add-ons to make popular systems such as WordPress better.

One area that MarketHive does excel is email marketing and message broadcasting, One of Toms first products was a state of the art email system, MarketHive includes a fully integrated system.

What makes MarketHive different is the mixture of people who become members, they all share in one thing, they are already successful or want to become successful, they come from many different walks of life, teachers, doctors, the armed services,housewives, carpenters, students, engineers.

Many have have lost money in MLM's or get rich quick scams, others have built businesses which support an independent lifestyle and enjoy their freedom.

MarketHive promotes the sharing of information and knowledge and promotes the idea of helping those you introduce to the system to become better marketers and achieve success.

Some people have developed bad habits from the past, such as constantly pitching their deal. Selling rather than listening to others. Success in today’s social marketing era derives from building relationships and solving potential customers problems.

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