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There are basically two methods of marketing on the Internet nowadays. First there is the age old method called "outbound" marketing and now there is the new kid on the block called "inbound" marketing.

The old method referred to as outbound marketing uses techniques that people are tired of and actually get irritated when they are subjected to its use. If you have been on the Internet for awhile you probably know what I am talking about. This system uses "come do business with us and here is why hype" type ads, sends fear of loss and hard pitched ads to your email account, pops up banners right in front of you on web sites as you are trying to read them, then getting phone calls from these people trying to sell you something you don't want.

On the other hand is the inbound marketing system. This is a method of letting people find and get information by teaching, sharing, educating, revealing and collaborating with them. It's like letting the world know what you have to offer without interferring with activities of people when they are at work doing something else. This way your customers come to you in their own time. They know you and want to do business with you and will probably refer you to their friends and neighbors because they are happy and satisfied with your service. #markethive

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