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Posted by L.B. Hasan on May 26, 2016 - 3:33am Edited 5/26 at 3:33am

The Rising Price of Higher Education
By William Trombley

State spending for public colleges and universities dropped sharply last year, as the state-by-state numbers contained in this special report from the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education demonstrate. At the same time, tuition and required fee charges rose significantly in many states, and some states reduced their student financial aid programs.


What we need to get by.

A basic standard of living costs $48,778, and nearly a third of families fall short

Report • By James Lin and Jared Bernstein • October 29, 2008

How much income do families need to make ends meet? The question has profound implications for public and social policy, yet it is a challenge to answer with precision because, though seemingly simple, it is actually quite complex. First of all, we need to ask, which type of family? Working families, single-parent families, families with two adults and two children, four children? And what does it mean to make ends meet? Are we thinking about basic sustenance levels—housing, food, clothing—and keeping a step ahead of hunger or eviction? Or do we have something in mind more in keeping with middle-class levels of consumption? And what about savings? Does making ends meet include setting aside funds for a medical emergency, college tuition, or retirement?


What do we do about all this dire, depressing news that reports what so, so many folks are having to live through?

If you have a job…keep it and slowly start something you own and can build on over time.  Get your family involved so that you all work to build to pass on for generations. If you are there already join a group of like-minded entrepreneurs. Team up and share your experience and resources for win/win results for all.

We at Karatbars & MarketHive are showing families in 120 plus countries how to take small money and grow it into Real Money GOLD, one gram at a time.  If you would like to see how our organization is changing lives of people around the world take a look at the video's from our Freedom Celebration in LA last April, where the Founder and CEO of Karatbars revealed a number of new measures to make a difference in the lives of people around the World. Just Look in the next to the last paragraph in my blog ===> HERE.  Also, if you look at the very last video from the Freedom Celebration, you will see members of our team from Nigeria and Ireland with "The Champion" of our team, Rashard, that traveled to LA for the event because their lives have been changed by Karatbars. We can help you, too.

Please come join us and let's work together to improve your life and the lives of the people that you care about.

We wish you much success,

L Basheer (LB) Hasan  - Your Senior Partner  -  http://www.truesuccessfast.com

Harold's Entrance Into The Freedom Celebration 2016 from 'L-basheer Hasan on Vimeo.



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