Posted by David Ogden on January 27, 2015 - 12:05pm
Lyoness, the worlds leading cashback shopping network made a decision at the end of last year to split the business into two sections, one for shoppers and the other for business builders. Lyoness the shopping side remaining free for life and Lyconet the business which charges subscription for the use of its inbound marketing tools.

Many Lyoness members were persuaded to move to Lyconet with the promise of a better way to build a residue income, however many  members remain confused, I met one confused person  a couple of days ago in Cyprus. Before Lyconet was launched I used to purchase vouchers from him to shop at Alpha Mega supermarket, as he had someone able to pick up vouchers in another town and I would save on the delivery cost.
When Lyconet launched I was able to order online directly from Lyoness so I had not seen him for some months. I discovered he was having difficulty getting hold of vouchers and was getting no help from the local office, He was amazed when I told him how simple it was to order online.

The main Problem is that both systems use the country where you live to decide which language the site will be presented. Now I am English but live in Cyprus so I have to contend with the Greek language. But even local Cypriots have a problem with Greek because the words can be interpreted differently, A bit like Americans who talk about Pants (trousers) which in English is underwear.

Until this month I was trying to find out in both systems, which of the people I had offered a free cashback card to had actually signed up, so that I could contact them and see if they need any help with using the system.

I want to make a business out cashback shopping but until the system speaks the language that I want to use it is not worth paying for, instead I will use my own free inbound marketing system  MarketHive and if anyone else out there is struggling, MarketHive has set up a group Lyoness where members can share in their experience and help one another with issues.
There is no need to use Lyconet if all you want to do is earn cash back and sales points when you shop. Youshuold just stick with Lyoness
David Ogden