Posted by David Ogden on August 19, 2015 - 11:08am
Since moving to the UK I have realised Lyoness really can offers a great deal of savings, when everyday shopping, my favourite store is Tesco. I have been away from the UK for some 15 years and it is amazing how shopping has changed with giant stores in many locations that sell a multitude of goods.

I used to use Asda and Sainsbury's and whist overseas have used LIDL, Tesco and other local supermarket. Being a Lyoness member in the UK there is a choice between using Tesco or Morrisons and some local supermarket. It is good to have a choice because at times shopping around can pay dividends. Tesco has become probably the biggest supermarket chain in the world and does have a wide choice of shopping not only groceries but clothing, electrical goods, household goods. gardening supplies and more such as Pharmacies and Fuel.

For the past month or so most of my expenditure has been spent of finding accommodation and purchasing appliances and furniture for our house and this is why Tesco became my favourite store, together with the ease in which I could purchase vouchers to use at Tesco Direct and also in the stores.

My past experience of purchasing Lyoness vouchers in Cyprus was not very inspiring as from time of ordering online to time when they were delivered could extend to five days or more but here in the UK they are delivered for free usually within three days. Lyoness vouchers for Tesco are delivered as plastic Tesco gift cards which can be used multiple times until there value is depleted, unlike in Cyprus where paper vouchers were used and no change given.

The Tesco gift cards can also be used online at Tesco Direct and also at Tesco Fuel stations and Pharmacies. Now Fuel and food are regular expenses so getting 2% cashback via Lyoness is great on top of having a Tesco Club card which overs more saving.

Time at check out is kept to a minimum, goods are scanned, Club card scanned, gift card(s) presented and scanned receipt produced. your cashback will probably be in your bank as you brought the vouchers in advance.

David Ogden
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