My best picks!

Posted by John Anderson on October 12, 2017 - 12:35pmEdited 10/12 at 12:35pm


I have been involved with Bitcoins since the beginning maintaining a full core since 2010! I also ran my own mining plant for 3 years until the operating cost made it unprofitable to continue! I now mine Monero as it is still profitable to do at home!

I am only going to post faucets here that I have been in for at least a year and have PAID out! I have tested several dozen over the years and most have been scams, never paid out or stopped paying after a while! Most just disappear sometimes returning rebranded!

My number one pick is BTC Clicks! As far as I can figure I have been with them fo 4 plus years! and they have never missed a payout! They have an upgrade option that gives a higher return but I do not recommend it unless you are going to actively promote! Banner

Moon Bitcoin, is a true faucet, with a nice touch, the longer you wait to claim the higher goes your reward,But it slows the longer you wait! I usually login and claim every 6-8 hours! If you claim every day your bonus goes up till it gets to 100%. It also has a nice affiliate scheme! I have used them for 3 years and they always have paid out!

Bonus Bitcoin, is a classic faucet! You can claim every 15 minutes, the reward is variable, sometimes high sometimes low! They also have a great affiliate program! Again about 3 years in this faucet ant they have always paid!

Bit 2 U, is not really a faucet, more of a Paid To Click +++++, Sign up is free, log in once a day, click on the PTC adds, Click on the Vote for Bits2U and you get paid! They also Pay to Promote the site, and also on affiliates! THE big thing about this site is that they also have a paid mining option with multiple ways to finance your purchase! About 12 months here and they have not missed a payout!

Bits2u, is a clasic PTC that is a plugin for Chrome/Chromium browsers, so you always know when a new add is available to click! Working fine sofar, and has been paying out! - Free bitcoin, bitcoin advertising, ptc



John , Trust that you are still earning
July 9, 2019 at 4:17am
Hi David, yes still earning a bit, more habit than anything else! The faucets have been getting less and less profitable over the years and when you throw in multiple page reloads to qualify it is a real chore.
July 9, 2019 at 7:26am
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