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Posted by Marketing Director on July 20, 2021 - 12:05am Edited 7/20 at 11:25pm

Welcome to “The Banner Impressions Exchange” where you can buy and sell Markethive’s impressions. This is an open exchange where the free market determines the price.

Connect with entrepreneurs, techies, cryptonerds, artists, innovators, musicians and professional members. Markethive provides a valuable automated marketing platform, commerce portals and a social network where users can learn, engage, and expand markets.

Our Reach (Alexa Rank: 4317) +16%  
17.57 Million Monthly Unique Visitors  +9%
130 Million Monthly Pageviews +11%
146,500 Social Followers  +21%
89,813 Subscribers +07%
Number of negative people on the News Feed -100%

Markethive has delivered advertising as a non-fungible token built into an exchange. This system delivers to the media buyer a transparent value for their impressions in an exchange type environment. This insures open market principles, allowing the media buyer to buy impressions from the exchange similar to buying coins in a coin exchange. The market sets the price. 

Traffic impressions are like electricity, in that they cannot be stored, they are only effective at the moment as is electricity. As electricity the rate or cost is determined by the utility at a set rate, as is the case across the world the price is determined in the exchange based on supply and demand, making its value determined by demand and effectiveness. 

You can buy banner impressions with Markethive coin as a member

You can sell your monthly share of impressions to create revenue as an E1 upgrade.

The simple truth is this. “Entrepreneur One” costs $100 per month and earns you an impression share that can make you far more than the costs. Upgrade now to E1 before it is too late.

internetmarketingproteam The BIX and the impressions will continue to grow in value as the traffic increases and the Alexa Rank Improves. Blend this with the fact that the Entrepreneur One Program has a finite number of positions and that it is closing to new enrollments soon. It really is a tremendous value.
July 20, 2021 at 12:22am
marketing Someday the Entrepreneur One members will all be millionaires from Markethive.
July 20, 2021 at 2:05am
niteawk Thank you Tom. Makethive and all its innovations are a blessing for those who work online. Great things yet to come. The dedication of yourself and your behind the scenes crew are exemplary. Have a wonderful week.
July 20, 2021 at 2:56am
sergey1 Спасибо.Том отличная информация
July 20, 2021 at 3:39am
tatana Great info Tom!
July 20, 2021 at 5:52am
luba66 I'm very happy for Markethive, moving forward, transforming. Thank you Tom, great work done.
July 20, 2021 at 6:20am
saidusesay Great work Tom, may the Almighty God continue to bless you and your Team.
July 20, 2021 at 6:47am
simonk Thanks, Tom and the Markethive team for all your work - Markethive is developing into a powerful Market Network. Love the way the Banners are displayed and the impressions allocated to the E1 members.
July 20, 2021 at 8:47am
tassosnikoleris Thank you Tom for the free spins. I got 2MHV, a few extra spins and many 500Bees Also donated for the good cause
July 20, 2021 at 10:10am
andriesvantonder Thank you Tom
July 20, 2021 at 10:55am
annettelefort Thank you Tom and team on a great job which continues to improve every day and will continue to change with the needs.
July 20, 2021 at 12:11pm
josephstasaitis3 Thanks for this info Tom.
July 20, 2021 at 1:19pm
seamandan Become a lifetime revenue earner as a Markethive Shareholder with an ILP: https://markethive.com/group/marketingdept/blog/markethiveentrepreneuroneupgradeexplained ILP's (entreprenuer1) receive banner impressions to utilize or sell on the bix
July 20, 2021 at 3:18pm
Edited 7/20 at 3:19pm
marketing Dan, Entrepreneur One's receive an equal share with other Entrepreneur Ones total system impressions. Right now that is about 300,000 impressions at an average value of $6 per CPM (cost per 1000) equals a value of $1800. Entrepreneur Ones also receive a 1/10th share of an ILP every consecutive 12 months of paying the $100 monthly membership fee. Entreprenuer Ones can either use these impressions for their banners or offer them for sale in our BIX (Banner Impressions Exchange) More on the ILP is found here https://markethive.com/group/marketingdept/blog/markethiveentrepreneuroneupgradeexplained
July 20, 2021 at 4:05pm
calebm Thanks, Tom for all that you do for the community here.
July 20, 2021 at 9:58pm
djkepple The benefits for E1 are insane. Markethive is an absolute blessing for everyone.
July 21, 2021 at 2:24am
corneliuboghian Thanks for this info
July 21, 2021 at 4:58am
clementndhlovu Thanks very much Tom for the information and encouragement
July 21, 2021 at 9:50am
goranbedstrom MarketHive - The Golden Goose.
July 21, 2021 at 7:58pm
nataha15 thank you so much Tom for everything you do, it's great.
July 21, 2021 at 8:13pm
corneliuboghian I wish you all a pleasant walk in nature!
July 21, 2021 at 10:49pm
johnharrell Thanks for everything Tom
July 22, 2021 at 10:33pm
alexandra63 good morning
August 3, 2021 at 2:10am
calebm We are grateful for this very innovative initiative, Tom. I believe it will impact the advertising space in a very significant way.
August 18, 2021 at 9:14pm
sagla21 Well said
October 1, 2021 at 11:09pm