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MAR 07 2021 Sunday Meeting

Posted by Marketing Director on March 07, 2021 - 9:18pm

MAR 07 2021 Sunday Meeting

Today’s meeting discussed the following


Migrating to the Cardano Block chain
Launching the wallet
Closing Entrepreneur One
Launching the Apprentice Program
The new shopping cart
The new login page
The new News Feed
The new Donation Wheel of Fortune

And a few other things too.

Watch the video


Thomas Prendergast

thanks for the info
March 7, 2021 at 9:38pm
The future really is BRIGHT. Especially IF you are a Entrepeneur 1 Member.
March 7, 2021 at 9:52pm
The Donation Wheel of Fortune with many prizes, I'm just excited to see how this works.
March 7, 2021 at 10:32pm
Understanding what Markethive is delivering to the Entrepreneurial, Social Media and Blogosphere may not register immediately but, when viewed from the vantage point of the changing world we all find ourselves in; unemployment, travel and outing restrictions, advancing Artificial Intelligence ( AI ), Internet Apps and platforms that data-mine and profit from our personal information without compensation. Markethive is more than a breath of fresh air. It is one of a very few options today that was built for you to secure and maintain your privacy, earn an income or build a thriving business that's only limited by your imagination. The benefits that Markethive provide are substantial. If you have not already, it's time to join the Markethive family. See you on the inside..!
March 7, 2021 at 10:50pm
I want to thank you for the effort in recording the main points of the meeting. I know it takes valuable time to do, but I really do appreciate it.
March 8, 2021 at 3:50am
I agree with Paul, your efforts to compile this recording are very much appreciated Tom. There are just some days I have a great effort in waking up at 4am.
March 8, 2021 at 4:13am
Good and beautiful day. Many thanks to Tom and Doug for a wonderful meeting, I realized that everything will be over soon and we are going to the Sardano stock exchange that the place of presenter is running out and there will be no such opportunity.
March 8, 2021 at 5:01am
Thank you Tom, Doug and your team for the excellent information, your work done in the market hive, a great future awaits us as E1 entrepreneurs, I think we will get a lot of interesting things in this project, God bless you, the creators of this amazing vision!
March 8, 2021 at 5:09am
good information🥰
March 8, 2021 at 5:57am
I'm in right place
March 8, 2021 at 6:26am
Happy to see MarketHive evolve! Congrats to Tom and Doug ;-)
March 8, 2021 at 6:56am
Thanks for making a recording of Sunday's meeting, Tom and Doug - looking forward to the launch of all the new features set to roll out on the platform. Great to be on board.
March 8, 2021 at 8:46am
Thanks Tom for recording the Sunday vibe., great information, development Markethive.Glad to be part of the team Markethive.
March 8, 2021 at 9:28am
Happy to see Markethive evolve!
March 8, 2021 at 9:56am
Great to be able to listen to over again , allowing me to get aĺl details. Thank you again.
March 8, 2021 at 12:30pm
It is really great to see Markethive be on the cutting edge in the Market Network space.
March 8, 2021 at 4:24pm
I have now had the opportunity to listen to the broadcast and am excited by how things are now coming to fruition. I am just so fortunate to have been introduced to this program one year ago. Thank you Don.
March 8, 2021 at 6:07pm
I was at the meeting but it's great to have the record. Thanks for sharing!
March 8, 2021 at 8:07pm
Thanks for sharing. Very important information.
March 8, 2021 at 8:20pm
Glad you recorded it since I couldn’t make the live meeting. Going to be a fantastic year for Markethive.
March 8, 2021 at 8:43pm
Thanks Tom and Doug for addressing so many important features of the Markethive machine.
March 9, 2021 at 1:42am
good information🐻
March 9, 2021 at 4:03am
Thanks for the information very much waiting for updates
March 9, 2021 at 5:12am
Good afternoon. I'm glad to be on such a friendly team, thanks a lot to Tom and his team.
March 9, 2021 at 5:17am
Thanks for the information !!!
March 9, 2021 at 7:49am
Thank you Tom. This is very much appreciated! :)
March 9, 2021 at 8:01am
On the right track
March 9, 2021 at 11:19am
Thank you Tom and Doug for your great work.
March 9, 2021 at 12:47pm
Your very nice bro mhv
March 10, 2021 at 11:16am
Exciting times ahead! Looking forward to them.
March 10, 2021 at 11:27am
great news🤪
March 10, 2021 at 2:22pm
Apreciate the update
March 10, 2021 at 2:33pm
Thank you Tom and Doug for these Sunday meeting overview videos. It is good to go back and review and listen to something you may have missed. So exciting how things are progressing here at Markethive.
March 10, 2021 at 9:17pm
This is very much appreciated , good day !!!
March 11, 2021 at 1:02pm
Thanks for the wonderful updates. Looking forward to all that's ahead of us! We are indeed blessed!
March 12, 2021 at 5:23pm
Thanks for the updates, it's much appreciated.
March 13, 2021 at 1:41pm
good information🍿
March 16, 2021 at 1:02pm
Good morning and a beautiful Sunday
April 25, 2021 at 5:43am
Good information thanks
May 7, 2021 at 8:57pm
Good article
May 20, 2021 at 2:48am
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