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Posted by L.B. Hasan on April 25, 2016 - 8:36pm Edited 2/5 at 6:59am

"Gold Manipulation In The U.S. Goes Back To 1987 When Greenspan Made It Fed Policy To Protect The Stock Markets!

JP Morgan said, " Gold Is Money; Everything Else Is Credit. And once you realize this, you will never be poor again!"  Ever since the Federal government took the U.S. off he gold standard in 1971, political and financial agencies have tried their best to program the American people to believe that gold has no monetary value.  This of course was done to ensure trust and confidence in the fiat Federal Reserve Note, and to propagate the illusion that debt was money, which allowed for a continued expansion of both the currency and government spending.

If there ever was an example for just how much power the simple yellow metal known as gold holds in the world's financial system, all one has to do is look at the depth and breadth that manipulation over its price has been used by Western central banks.  And with the revelations two weeks ago of Deutsche Bank finally admitting that not only they, but many bullion banks conspired to hold down gold prices, a shocking revelation by well known journalist F. William Engdahl sheds new light in just how far down the rabbit hole gold price suppression goes. 

"The first time I came across evidence that select Wall Street and other major international banks, in cooperation with the Federal Reserve, were deliberately suppressing the world gold price was in the aftermath of the global stock market crash of October, 1987. That was when the Dow Jones stock index lost 23% in one day," the researcher narrates. 
Indeed, on October 19, 1987, the United States faced a severe stock market crash: within one day — the notorious "Black Monday" — the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) swiftly lost 508 points. The crash prompted deep concerns regarding apparent inefficiency of the US' monetary system. 
"John Crudele, an exceptionally persistent financial journalist with The New York Post and John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics and an exceptional economist, informed me at the time of the gold manipulation reports," Engdahl continues. 
"The reason for the fix, which then-Fed chief Alan Greenspan reportedly orchestrated, was to prevent a stampede by panicked investors out of risky stocks and bonds into gold. Had gold profited from the stock panic, it could well have been an early end to the dollar system. It worked then to prevent a gold rise," the researcher underscores.  Sputnik News 

 Can we really afford to continue to believe the LIES?  Absolutely Not!  And if you want a safe, secure, and affordable way to acquire you savings in GOLD for you and your family,  Go to: TheGoldServants    Below you will see what one of the Top Financial Advisors in the U.S. has to say about this subject.  And please share this post with those who you love and care about.  Thank you.

 L Basheer Hasan - Entrepreneur

Chauncey Penfold Hi a very special article on what happnig to paper money and what gold is
July 11, 2016 at 7:01pm
Tony Cordingley At least Gold has real substance and value.
May 11, 2016 at 7:47am
Richard Garcia As the Finger wrote on the wall You have been weight and found wanting....Time is running out. http://www.mining.com/goldman-sachs-buys-bullion-from-cash-strapped-ecuador-55876/ New York investment bank Goldman Sachs has picked up 466,000 ounces of gold from cash-strapped Ecuador. According to the South American nation's central bank, Goldman acquired 1,165 gold bars, worth roughly $580 million at today's ruling price. Ecuador under socialist President Rafael Correa is seeking sources of cash "after borrowing more than $11 billion from China since defaulting on $3.2 billion of foreign debt five years ago," reports Bloomberg. Ecuador’s is the only country on the continent using the US dollar as currency and the central bank explained it "invested" the gold with Goldman in exchange for more liquid assets. The country will get the gold back within three years and the central bank expects to turn a profit of as much as $20 million on the transaction without explaining how.
April 26, 2016 at 6:05am