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My Mom has had issues regarding her cardiovascular system for sometime now ( some calcification of one of her heart valves ) but, recently her cardio-system had reached critical level about seven days ago or, so. We are mainly referring to her high blood pressure of 210-220 over 70 or more. 

We realized she was in a critical state when her conversation became abnormal ( her responses were irrational & she became very tired. She was taken to the emergency room at the local hospital which is only approximately 5 mins. away. 

The doctors there admitted her to the emergency room where they monitored and took several test. CRT, EKg etc. After they reviewed the results, the doctor indicated that the high blood pressure was beginning to lower. After a couple hours of allowing my Mom to rest the doctor stated that the blood pressure was coming down and all other indications were within ranges. 

But, I adviced the doctor that her use of words had changed ( specifically her responses to questions ). The Doctor then decided to do an MRI from which he discovered that she had 2 minor stokes. 

My Mom was then taken to a hospital 3 hours away from Martinsburg, WV to Morgantown WV with both my older bother and sister accompaning her. They were there for 2 and 1/2 days as she was monitored. 

When her blood pressure was down near 170/68 the doctor adviced that she return home and stand-by to make an appointment to see a cardiologist.  The doctor via the nurse gave my Mom half of her current blood pressure medication and returned home to Martinsburg WV with my brother and sister.

My brothers and sister & I have already agreed that at 92 years old my Mom will not have any major heart surgery. We are more concerned about the quality of her life as opposed to trying to recover and heal at her age after surgery or being connected to machinery. Not to meantion the possibility of infections, operating errors and her mental state after such a major intrusion into her body. 

So There Is Only One Alternative

A healthy diet change and nutritional supplements - Lots of water ( 7 to 8 glasses/day ), green leafy vegetable, seaweed powder for minerals, light soups in eveing ( vegetables, lentils, onions, garlic ). Not to much for breakfast. Mainly lightly sqamble or medium boiled eggs with some greens ( brocolli / spinach ) and supplements ( but, always a glass of water first thing in the morning ).  Only light fish (such as tilapia & salmon & this is eaten during mid-day not morning or evening).

The supplements: 

Vitamin K2 - M7

Vitamin D3



Vitamin B12

Codliver Oil ( Vitamin A ) 

and a Seaweed supplement ( for minerals ). 

Other then having a tooth ache for which she has an appointment this coming Monday, my Mom's blood pressure has stabilized at around 113/62 making it unnecessary to administer blood pressure pills. And, she's getting her strength back and feeling better.  And, yes we are keeping a close eye on our Mom. 

The Following Videos were helpful in us deciding a protocol for my Mom to follow:

How to Have Healthy Blood Pressure â€‹ by John Bergman 

Dr. Kate Rhéaume-Bleue: The Calcium Paradox  


Therefore, because surgery is not an option diet and nutrition must be the primary area of focus. 
None of the information written above is intented to be medical advice. All written information is mearly an approximate record of events that occurred regarding the health of my mother. 
Please note that should you need to make any changes in your medication, diet, consumption of supplements or any other medical issue regarding your person or family member, you should contact your doctor or medical practioner first. 

Best Regards,
Venable Dance, Entrepreneur


I have migrated to this type of diet as it is good for everyone to eat clean and limited. The human metabolism was not built to handle 5000 calories, processed food, breads, carbohydrates and meat.
August 29, 2016 at 4:14pm
I have major issues with sugar & iron deficiency, both have landed me in the emergency room. A plant-based diet with no grains, dairy, sugar and no meat have help me to pretty much, as far asI can tell, eliminate my sugar problems.
September 1, 2016 at 7:37pm
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