Posted by Venable Dance on August 30, 2014 - 4:18amEdited 8/29 at 2:31am
For a few weeks I have been feeling tired and weak in the chest with some gas and blotting just below my rib-cage. Thought I might be having some cardiovascular difficulties. This weakness/pressure in my chest/tension in the solar plexus/ sometimes dizziness, obviously was starting to trouble me.
My research lead me to the following article: Hiatal Hernia: Hidden Cause of Chronic Illness.
What I learned from the article was something quite interesting. Because I work with rebuilding auto parts, most engine mounts, control arms ... etc. There is a lot of metal and rubber dust. There is ventilation and I wear a mask. But, unconsciously I had began to breath from my chest and not from my lower abdomen. In other word I was not getting enough oxygen.
"When the stomach is in the way of the diaphragm, it can't move like it is supposed to, so the person can't take a deep abdominal breath. In order for the person with a hiatal hernia to take a deep breath, they must lift their chest and shoulders." read more.
I started paying attention to my breathing at work and guess-what? I starting feeling much better. NOW! whether or not I have a Hiatal Hernia is something I will check further into. But, just reading the article brought my attention to the fact that I had developed an improper way of breathing at work, which I carried over into my daily life.
I notice that, I sometimes go back to chest-breathing. But, it's obvious and I make the correction, now that I am aware it. 

 Always Consult with your Doctor or Medical Practitioner if changing your diet/ adding supplements/ and/or increasing your exercise routine could cause serious health issues for you".