Posted by Venable Dance on October 18, 2015 - 8:58pm Edited 10/2 at 9:51pm

Organically Grown Foods ‘Should’ Have The Vitamins & Minerals You Need.

Today supplementation is necessary for a healthy mind & body.

Organically grown plants and vegetables should have all of the major vitamins & minerals that the body needs to maintain homeostasis or just great health but, they don’t. Most plants and vegetables grown commercially worldwide are fertilized with only three primary minerals and they are Nitrogen (N) Potassium (P), Phosphorus (K).

So, where are you getting the rest of the vitamins & minerals that your body need to function properly? If you are thinking that most of the foods you buy and consume are fortified with extra vitamins and minerals well, you should think again. In addition to all the sugar, salt, dyes and preservatives, the amount of minerals you are getting still may not be adequate for your body to function at it’s optimum level.

So, you should be including some form of supplementation of vitamins & minerals with the natural foods you consume.

Another way you can get some of  the vitamins and minerals you need is by growing your own using a variety of of wood ash, manure, and high quality fertilizers. Even if it is a small garden indoors or outdoors with selected plants and herbs. This would be a great way to supplements if you have limited access to other means of supplementation.

There are high quality plant derived vitamin and mineral supplements as well as  DNA restoration plant formulations that one can include as part of your daily meals to insure that you maintain homeostasis, a youthful appearance and maximum body energy at the cellular level.  Don't overlook using supplementation to maintain you health. Most of today's diseases can be linked to a lack of proper nutrients, I have found. 


This is not intended as medical advice - please contact your medical practitioner or doctor for your personal needs and conditions.



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