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In November 2014 I was admitted to the hospital because extremely low hemoglobin levels 3.7 ( previous blog ). Since that time I have gain some extra pounds. My normal weight is about 175 lbs. I now weight 192 lbs. 17 lbs over my preferred weight. So, now it's time for me to take action. Purpose to loss weight, detox and tone muscles.

On the 25th of February 2015, I started a complete raw food/vegetable, fruit ( non high sugar fruits ) and herb regiment.

Started: 25th of February 2015 - Target: March 25, 2015

Morning ( breakfast ):


Hawthorn Berries - ( Strengthens Heart, reduces high blood pressure and more )

Nettle Leaf - ( Heals & Strengthens Arteries )**

Saw Palmetto ( Prostate Health )

Senna Leafs - ( Laxative )

Before Lunch: Mint, or other flavored Green Tea + Seaweed & nuts snacks If my stomach is not full I just have the seaweed snack or something similar. Nuts can cause cramp or upset stomach when it is empty.

Lunch: Any salad variation ( without creamy dressings - I use: lemons, sesame seed oil, vinegar or just tea.

Dinner: More raw vegetables (salad) and some fruits. One to two dates for energy.

Examples of Alkalizing Fruits: Apple, Berries, Cantaloupe, Grapes, Melon, Lemon, Orange, Peach, Pear, Watermelon.

Before Bed: Detox Tea: Herbal tea; main herbs - dandelion root, spirulina, milk thistle, others.


These are step I take to loss weight and detox my body. This is not intended as Medical Advice, nor is it a recommendation to cure any type/kind of disease. Contact your Doctor or Medical Practitioner before making changes in your dietary/medicinal use or intake,

Update: April 12, 2015 I had loss 9 lb.

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