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Did you know that up to a fifth of the world's workforce could lose their jobs by 2030? That's a staggering 800 million people--and jobs.

The threat? Robotics or other types of automation. 

The truth is that the financial stability you enjoy now make not remain so certain in the future. That's one reason why more and more people are turning to network marketing for financial security and freedom.

In fact, some experts even argue it's a wise choice on the road to retirement.

Curious about why network marketing works? Here are four network marketing tips to ensure financial success.

1. Know Your "Why"

Like other industries, network marketing will have its ups and downs. You may struggle at first to get your business up and running, or you may experience some setbacks.

If you don't have a clear reason for your career path, you won't stick with it. Your personal "why" is perhaps the most crucial aspect of your overall success.

Do you want to build up your retirement funds? Spend more time with your family? Free up more time for other important pursuits?

There's no right or wrong answer--as long as you're clear on why you're doing it.

2. Understand Your Target Market

How well do you know your target audience? It's not enough to say you're marketing to women over 65 or men aged 25-45.

How well do you understand your market on a personal level? What motivates them to get out of bed each morning? What fears or concerns keep them awake at night?

You have to understand what drives them to want to improve their lives. Only then can you help them to see why your product or service is the answer.

3. Never Stop Learning

You don't have to be a scholar or go back to school for a Ph.D. to succeed in network marketing. You do, however, need to establish a daily routine of self-improvement.

The world's most successful people didn't get that way by accident. No doubt they learned their business inside and out and devoured every new book on the subject.

What does your home library look like? When's the last time you took an online course in network marketing strategy? Don't be content with what you already know--strive to learn something new each day.

4. Don't Harass Family & Friends

Many networking companies ask you to immediately reach out to all your relatives and friends (your "warm market") with your business opportunity.

If you're just getting started with network marketing, this is one of the worst mistakes you could make. The last thing you want to do is complicate your personal life or create strained relationships with people you're close to.

Instead, wait until you understand that business better and know how to prospect and recruit people. Then, when the time is right, you may feel comfortable approaching a few chosen friends about joining up.

The Best Network Marketing Tips: Now You Know

Whether you're just dabbling in network marketing or you've been in the game for a while, there's always room for improvement.

By putting these network marketing tips into place, you'll ensure your business (and your bank account) grows for years to come.

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