[Quote] Unselfish Thoughts Are The Very Portals of Heaven...

Posted by Celena Barton on November 14, 2019 - 3:18pm Edited 11/14 at 3:22pm

Stumbling over these words one day, I decided to highlight the text and read this paragraph multiple times. It may be a bit wordy and certainly aged, but I have found it to be a definite truth.

How many days do we wake up in a foul mood, with a negative disposition, just to find that the day grows worse and darker as we go along? We expect it to, because "every time I oversleep, the whole day is messed up." Am I right?

We start a dark and dreary day expecting everything to mess up (spilled coffee while driving, starving 'cause we missed breakfast, try to grab a quick bite just for the mustard to drip on our brand new top, missed the call we've been waiting for because, of course, we left our phone in the car for the first time, like, ever...??).  You know what I'm talking about, I'm sure.

May you dwell day by day in thoughts of peace toward every creature.

Then there are those days when we wake up in a fantastic mood - can't wait to start the day. Everything is rainbows, butterflies and sunshine - a big bowl of juicy, ripened cherries! We smile at everyone we meet, we hit every appointment a few minutes early, we maybe get a bonus on our paycheck. Good things just keep on happening!

Well, I've had those days when I woke in a foul mood - negative thoughts about everything, everyone.  A few hours into the crappy day, one of my beautiful girls would say something out-of-this-world hilarious, completely unexpected, getting me to laugh out loud. That gets me headed in the direction of a "cheerful" mood and the next thing I know, my day has turned around and good things are happening - or, at least, not-so-bad things. The day becomes much more manageable and even productive.

You may know someone (sadly, I believe we all do) who just complains and carries on about this person and that person - not a single good thing to say. They complain about just about every single person and every single thing that comes into their life, can't find one single positive thing to share.

Then they complain about all the negative things that just continue to happen to them - "if I didn't have bad luck I'd have none at all." All. The. Time. Plus, they get angry at YOU for having the audacity to have "good luck!"

I'm supposing Dr. Phil would have us walk away from these Negative Nellies so we don't get brought down with them, but I dare you to challenge them. Have them at least try turning those negative thoughts and comments into something positive. Have them "patiently learn to find the good" in the folks they're complaining about - they may surprise even themselves!

Since reading the book (As A Man Thinketh), I have been making a conscious effort to pay attention to my thoughts.  If I'm in a bad mood, I make myself come up with something - anything - to be grateful for, and this starts that inner shift from "bad" and "negative" to "good" and "positive" thoughts, which in turn makes me think "thoughts of peace" toward everyone. This only takes a moment of our time, but it truly makes a world of difference inside and out.

I would encourage you to try the same. When you find yourself thinking negatively, or just feeling poorly, try to focus on something that makes you happy - anything that makes you happy. It's not only good for You, it's good for those around you, and it's even good for the universe as a whole, believe it or not.

May you "dwell day by day in thoughts of peace toward every creature."

Make it a Great day!

Celena Barton

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