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WordPress is the number one open source CMS blogging platform which used on over 75 million websites worldwide. The popularity of WordPress is evident with it’s simple to use interface, easy installation and not to mention the thousands of available of themes, plugins and widgets. 


Wordpress is best blogging platform for the average person. Why? Content is controlled by the author. This has been designed for the author who has a product to sell, a story to tell or just blogging about hobbies, passions, or other interests. Every blogger has one goal in common; to get their blog in front of readers who are interested in their niche. Driving traffic can be a daunting task for most people when they are launching a brand new website. 


Some people may spend a lot of money on blog advertising that does not convert. I have been there. This is very frustrating. However, there is a great alternative - Put the blog content in front of social media followers. Some may say I don’t have the time to be manually updating all my social accounts, pages, and  groups. 


What if there was a way to automate this using WordPress? 


Well there is! It is a plugin called Social Media Auto-Poster (SNAP). The great thing about snap is you can add all your social media accounts, pages, and groups to this plugin. So then when you write your blog post, the SNAP plugin will distribute that content to each and every social account that has been added. 


SNAP does tech some tech savvy skills to get it to work properly. Most people will just throw in the towel and not even bother with it as it can give problems connecting to social sites due to the recent changes in algorithms and security updates. Because of such updates, the social network may ask for security clearance/identity verification in order to login


I have intimately been using this plugin learning how it works for about 4 years now. So let’s point out some reasons why it is important to have as part of a wordpress site:


SNAP supports over 34 social media networks including:

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, LinkedIn and more.

  • Photo sharing sites such as Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, 500px, etc.

  • Blogging portals such as Medium, Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress compatible blogs.

  • Aggregation portals such as Reddit, Stumbleupon and others

  • It also supports microblogging services like Weibo (which is the largest microblogging service in China), LiveJournal and Telegram

  • Interestingly, SNAP also supports integration with MailChimp. If you use MailChimp as your newsletter service – you can send out automated emails whenever a post is published – completely hands free!

  • Unlimited Profiles: With the premium version, you can add unlimited profiles/handles per social network. This is particularly useful for Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

  • Scheduled Posts: Scheduling you posts to go live when your target audience is active is an important factor in social media success. With this feature, you can schedule when your posts go live.

  • Delayed Posting: A simpler version of Scheduled Posts, this feature allows you to delay the posts by a fixed amount of time.

  • Social Network Support: Specific channels such as LinkedIn Company Pages, Google+ and Pinterest are available only in the premium version.

Social automation plays an important role in building the image of any brand or business. However, one thing that sets people off are in fact, automated messages. Speaking from personal experience, it is most off-putting to read a post or headline which wasn’t crafted carefully.

This is an area that needs our best attention. Crafting magnetic headlines work wonders for your business. Therefore, blindly automating posts can get you traffic, but automating carefully crafted headlines will do much better.

The SNAP WordPress plugin is an excellent tool to automate much of the social media tasks.

 For a small fee, this can be installed for you on your WordPress blog so you will not have to worry about it. The only thing needed from you would be your social media account login information and MH WordPress plugin source code to install to your WordPress site. We recommend you use the following social media accounts for this SNAP plugin:

Here is what is needed from you to ensure timeliness of installation and configuration of SNAP. 

  1. Source code for WP Plugin found in your Markethive account. You must download the correct WP blog plugin and send me the file. Then I will import the file to your WordPress blog.

  1. Your WordPress site login information.  

NOTE: WordPress be on your own domain and not at WordPress.com

The initial installation will cost you $100 and you may also decide (optional) to have your SNAP and MH WP plugins maintained monthly for an additional $20 per month. This maintenance is important due to random logouts, account verification requests, etc. It is common that the SNAP plugin will stop working from time to time and will need to be reconfigured. The pricing is comparable to anywhere else online. I am from the USA and speak English. 

 I have been with Markethive since the beginning and working under Tom’s authority. The installation process will be fast and effective as I have installed and configured SNAP several times. You will be billed by my company Elite Processing, LLC until Markethive builds the facility to take the billing over.

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