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Making money online is not an easy thing. There are millions of “opportunities” out there promising people a world of riches if they just “invest” enough money, recruit enough people, or duplicate prior success. Every day as CEO of GBBG, I get tons of emails from people touting the latest, greatest, incredible way to make a million dollars over night. The funny thing is many of these people sending me these emails will be telling me about the newest, greatest way to riches in about a month or so after their last email. It seems they constantly find the newest and greatest way to riches, but they never seem to get rich.

Ever since the Internet began to become a part of everyone’s life back in the early 1990’s, people have been looking for ways to earn money online. I began developing websites in 1994. As a matter of fact, the very first web project I worked on was developing the website and database for a company that offered international dating services, or what many people would call “mail-order-brides”. As I worked on the software for the company, I watched the owners grow rich selling subscriptions.

The next major project I worked on was to develop the backend and frontend infrastructure for a major online automotive sales portal. This portal worked with hundreds of automotive dealerships throughout the USA. As I worked on the software for this company, I watched the owners grow rich selling advertising online because they had rich, unique content that drove massive organic traffic.

Over the years, my software development company worked to build frontend and backend software for online companies. I watched people grow rich selling products online, selling advertising, selling subscriptions, and selling services. But I RARELY, if EVER saw someone get rich who joined a “program” or “online business opportunity”.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have seen people achieve some levels of success through various online business opportunities over the years. Normally, they are the ones that created the opportunity. They are the guy at the “top” of the pyramid. The guy that wrote the guide called “how to make a million dollars online” and then sold his “easy to follow” program to thousands of people wanting to earn money.

In 2009, after nearly 15 years developing backend and frontend software for various large and small online businesses, I was introduced to what most of you call “Internet Marketing”. It came to me as a software project my company developed. Through this experience, I began to look at the various programs out there. All the “get-rich-quick” hype was easy to find. And for the most part, they were all the same thing with slightly different products or processes. They normally boiled down to buying a “system”, promoting that “system” to others, and earning money when others bought into the “system”.

I thought there was a better way. Something real and honest and credible. Something where people could make money online without having to keep looking for the next sucker to sell the “system” to. So, I have been working from 2009 until today trying to fine-tune something real. I have known our CMO, David Newman, since around 2010 when we both met through a different online “system”. We later moved from that to tagvillage, which was our first attempt at creating an honest platform for people. Now, though tagvillage did not reach the successes we imagined, it did teach us a lot.

From tagvillage, David Newman and I found GBBG and eventually took it completely over. We have been working from mid-2013 on the task of turning GBBG into a real, honest, credible online business. Our goal has always been to provide real products and services that people purchase online because they need them and want them, NOT because they must buy them in order to try to make money. Our goal has been to find the way that we could offer something where others can make money without having to invest in a “system” or buy and sell stuff they normally wouldn’t buy or sell, if it didn’t have an income opportunity attached to it.

I have to tell you the honest truth. It is not easy building a real business that is credible and honest. Unfortunately, most people are looking for the magic fairy tale where they grow rich in 30 days by “investing” $5 or $10 into a magic “system” that makes money for them. And, unfortunately, there are a lot of snake oil salesmen online promoting these magic fairy tale systems. So, when you offer something real, that has real commissions based on real sales of real products and services, people often get discouraged. Why? Because when you sell a real product for $9 and you pay real costs to produce and deliver that product, there is normally only room for 10% or 20% in commissions to the sales person. And quite frankly, most people don’t get overjoyed when they earn $0.90 on a sale. Because they are looking for the magic box that gives them $1,000,000 for their $9 investment.

Now I get to tell you the great news!

From 2013 until today, GBBG has been building some pretty high quality products, from a technical and practical view point. If you really look at what we have to offer, you will see what David Newman, myself, and the members of our Founders Advisory Committee have been discussing recently. We essentially have 3 major revenue opportunities and 1 major growth opportunity at our doorstep, just waiting to be massively exploited.

As I stated earlier, I have been working as a software developer since 1994. During my 20+ year career in software development I have seen people grow filthy rich with their online businesses. And, if you are honest with yourself, you will notice that the filthy rich people from online businesses are not the ones joining programs. They are the ones who have figured out 1 of the very, very few methods to actually make money online:

  • Advertising sales
  • Product sales
  • Service sales
  • Subscriptions

Let’s look into this concept a bit deeper. Have you ever thought about the fact that Google is essentially a giant advertising media company? In reality, Google built one of the largest businesses on earth, and produced several billionaires and millionaires, by selling advertising. And that is still their primary business. Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Pinterest, YouTube, and most other companies you know make their money by selling advertising. Actually, it is the primary business model for most online business.

Companies such as Amazon and Overstock are good examples where the owner figured out how to make a fortune selling products. GoDaddy and HostGator are great examples of companies where the owner figured out how to sell services online, and make a fortune doing it. And companies like Netflix and Hulu are great examples of companies that make a fortune through subscriptions.

When you really look at it, 99.99% of all money made online is a result of one of these 4 categories. “Internet Marketing” and all these get-rich-quick schemes out there can’t even account for less than 1% of the money generated through the Internet. Yet people flock by the tens of thousands to the newest, latest, greatest magic formula that promises everyone riches.

So, what are the 3 major revenue opportunities I mentioned above? And what is the 1 major growth opportunity?

Glad you asked.

What is GBBG right now? I mean really, if you look at our business and our dashboards, you will see that we are essentially 2 primary product channels combined with a massive membership of people looking for direction. These two product channels are: advertising and product sales. The most unfortunate thing is that we have a massive membership of over 180,000 people who are basically lost or frustrated. And the reason for that is my fault, or rather, the fault of our business model.

Why? Because you can’t really make money selling advertising or promoting products if you don’t have MASSIVE ORGANIC TRAFFIC!

And more important, you can’t build an army of members who promote your website with vigor if your site and business model is too complex, or worse, has no direction. And that my friends, is unfortunately what we have. GBBG is too complex. It is nearly impossible to explain it and promote it. I mean, it is easy to promote each of our individual products by themselves. But when a new member joins, they are hit in the face with all these different things and they get lost.

People need a simple “Do this one thing” if we are ever going to become massively successful.

So, that is what we are going to do.

I know we announced the launch of Profit Pages for April 1st. And we have been working to deliver that launch, and we could have even pulled it off. However, as we got the system prepared, and as we tested it and discussed it, we realized something.

But more importantly

  1. GBBG has 4 very good channels to sell advertising:
    Banner/Text/Video Ads, Site Views, Video Views, Exit Page Ads
  2. GBBG has an excellent channel to sell products:
    [email protected]
  3. GBBG has an excellent channel to sell subscriptions:
    Profit Pages
  4. GBBG has an upcoming channel to produce massive organic traffic:
    Profit Pages

Think about this for a second. Three of the four major channels where 99.99% of all money online is generated are advertising, product sales, and subscriptions. And we have the opportunity to capitalize on all of them. But you can’t sell advertising and products without massive organic traffic. Oh wait, THAT is what Profit Pages is all about!

Do you see the full picture now? Profit Pages IS, or SHOULD BE, the core around which our entire business is built. It is the driving force that can produce the massive organic traffic that will demand higher levels of advertising and product sales. And I mean sales to OUTSIDE customers, not members. If millions of people were flowing to our site organically, we will have millions of reasons for real advertisers to purchase ads. And, products promoted on the site will sell naturally as millions of organic visitors are exposed to them. THIS is how businesses like Facebook, Yahoo!, Twitter, and others work. They sell advertising and products BECAUSE they have organic traffic.

So what is the plan?

  1. Re-build the entire bitbillions site around Profit Pages
  2. Make our dashboard super simple. All you do as a member is manage your Profit Page, or view sites/videos
  3. Make the $9 Ad Network the source for marketing our 4 advertising products
  4. Re-launch bitbillions when this is all completed

I personally think #4 will happen by May 1st, but possibly much earlier. Promoting GBBG will become super simple now. Why? Because all you need to do is share your link to your Profit Page and the page does everything else for you. It sells advertising to advertisers. It sells the GBBG concept to potential referrals. And, it sells products from the shop for you. You don’t have to do anything. Just share your page and make posts. That is it!

Because of Profit Pages, you will essentially have an all-inclusive, full-featured online business with GBBG. Your business will produce organic traffic. Your business will sell advertising. Your profit page has built-in publisher widgets, so you earn from that advertising. Your business will sell products. Your profit page has built-in Shop widgets, so you earn from those product sales. Your business will promote GBBG. Your profit page has built-in recruiting systems, so you will grow your down-line automatically. Your business will sell subscriptions. Your profit page will sell subscriptions to your referrals, so you earn from subscription sales. It is an all-inclusive, full-featured online business that capitalizes on 3 of the 4 major ways to make money online!


One of the most important aspects of GBBG has always been that even free members can earn. We want to keep this spirit in effect as we proceed. So, we are building our core model so that everyone can earn, even free members.


If you can make a post on Facebook, then you can operate a Profit Page on GBBG and make money! The new Profit Pages system will be so easy to manage that anyone can do it! Creating a post on your page will actually be as easy as creating a post on Facebook. So, NOBODY has an excuse now. All you have to do is make posts, and you make money!


Why do businesses like Facebook, Yahoo!, YouTube, and other major sites make so much money selling ads and products? Because they have organic traffic. Why do they have organic traffic? Because millions of people are posting original content to their sites every day. They actually make money from YOUR posting. We are going to flip the tables. Profit Pages will allow YOU to make money from your posting. Every time someone visits your post, YOU will earn from the ad sales. YOU will earn from the product sales. YOU will earn from the subscription sales. And, let me tell you, when millions of people, even thousands of people, are making posts every day, THAT will automatically attract organic traffic. And with Profit Pages, your posts are automatically SEO optimized, submitted to the major search engines, Open Graph optimized, and submitted to all the major social networks. So, organic traffic will flood in automatically.


Our entire business model will be super simple now. You manage your Profit Page by making simple posts. That is it! You promote GBBG by sharing your page with others. That is it! Nothing else to do. It is super simple, and super easy to explain. And by making posts, you make money!

So, what are the costs and benefits?


  • 50% of referrals from your page (50% are passed up to subscribers)
  • 25% of ad revenue from your page (advertising income)
  • 25% of shop sales from your page (product sales income)
  • SEO & Social optimized content (organic traffic)

BASIC MEMBERS – $36 per month

  • 100% of referrals from your page
  • 50% of ad revenue from your page (advertising income)
  • 50% of shop sales from your page (product sales income)
  • SEO & Social optimized content (organic traffic)
  • Embeddable Widget builder
  • 1 Ad on the $9 Ad Network for 30 days

ADVANCED MEMBERS – $45 per month

  • 100% of referrals from your page
    + share in organic referrals
    + share in referrals passed up from Free members
  • 75% of ad revenue from your page (advertising income)
    + share in ad revenue passed up from Free and Basic members
  • 75% of shop sales from your page (product sales income)
  • SEO & Social optimized content (organic traffic)
  • Embeddable Widget builder
  • 2 Ads on the $9 Ad Network for 30 days

PREMIUM MEMBERS – $54 per month

  • 100% of referrals from your page
    + share in organic referrals
    + share in referrals passed up from Free members
  • 100% of ad revenue from your page (advertising income)
    + share in organic ad revenue
    + share in ad revenue passed up from Free, Basic, and Advanced members
  • 100% of shop sales from your page (product sales income)
    + share in organic shop sales
    + share in shop sales passed up from Free, Basic, and Advanced members
  • SEO & Social optimized content (organic traffic)
  • Embeddable Widget builder
  • 3 Ads on the $9 Ad Network for 30 days


We truly believe in the power of Profit Pages to make GBBG a real, honest, credible business opportunity for everyone. If you can make a Facebook post, you can make a Profit Pages post. The difference is that you EARN MONEY when you make posts on Profit Pages, even if you are a FREE member!

Millions of fresh, original posts will attract millions of organic visitors to Profit Pages. This will produce massive, growing advertising sales. This will produce massive, growing product sales. And this will produce growing interest in the Task network as well. Meaning there will be more tasks to perform for money as well.

Everything is super simple now. You make posts. You share your page. You have an all-inclusive, full-featured online business. Even if you are a FREE member! No more having to promote different products or channels. No more trying to explain what Team Builder is, or Agency, or Money Maker, or any of that. You just make posts and share your page, nothing else.

We are working around the clock to re-configure our servers for these massive changes. We are also working around the clock to re-build our website and dashboards for these changes. I fully expect Profit Pages to be live, and functioning as the core of bitbillions before May 1st. Hold onto your wallet! It is about to get FILLED with money!

David Ruebush

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