Posted by John Anderson on April 10, 2015 - 3:59am
The Latest news from GBBG!

The Nine Dollar network is now active!

Now we are beginning to see the fruits of the labour. In just 3 weeks the $9 Ad Network was completed to a live working entity. It is by no means finished. Many more features will be added as time goes on but for now it is a live, working, revenue generating site. That is something that the head developer with 6 months working on it was unable to deliver. This has reinvigorated the CEO who is happy to finally have a completed project on the site and confident that future projects are now within reach.

In the first week the $9 Ad Network has already grown to over 100 publishers and is generating over 200,000 network views a day and growing. There has been over 40 Ad sales made and we have not even started promoting it yet. Some members have already seen commissions on their earnings page generated from Ad sales. Simply put, the $9 Ad Network is working and will continue to work. This will add revenue to the matrix pool as well as giving members something they can promote. You can find your referral links for it on your account page. 
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