Posted by John Anderson on May 09, 2016 - 11:44am

GBBG is migrating all our old networks to our new [email protected] system. This will be an incredible system that will reach millions of people every single day and offer you much greater advertising exposure than ever before. During this migration there will be many changes to our advertising delivery systems. The most important change is that we are terminating the $9 Ad Network permanently. When we launch [email protected], there will be a brand-new ad system in place that will be more powerful and effective than ever before. This new ad system will be launched in 2 phases:

  • PHASE ONE: temporary in-house ad system that will deliver ads on a time-frame basis of 7 days per cycle. There will be basic targeting of languages and categories (topics) offered. This in-house system will only deliver ads on pages in our own network and will not consist of outside publishers. However, it will reach many more people than before and have a much higher quality audience visibility than before.

  • PHASE TWO: permanent ad network delivered by tagvillage, inc. on a cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand basis. There will be a multitude of targeting features, including retargeting. This robust system will be our permanent ad delivery system when tagvillage, inc. completes the development and launch of their upcoming, revolutionary ad network. Their ad network will deliver to a multitude of quality publishers, including [email protected]

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