Crypto Currencies -- How Long Will They Last?

Posted by johnnorman on November 24, 2018 - 7:56pm Edited 11/24 at 8:04pm

There are still many sceptics when it comes to the future of crypto currencies . This articles written by  Luciano Pesci

addresses the 5 false crypto criticisms commonly spread about crypto currencies. According to Luciano , "Only a tiny portion of this criticism is coming from informed observers, while the overwhelming majority is propagated by people with almost no functional understanding of cryptocurrency, blockchain, or their interconnected ecosystem." 

The article is well worth the time take to read

Luciano's final paragraph says;

I have an unshakable faith in crypto’s ultimate victory. They’re our future and here’s why:

  • Cryptos are driven by, and for, good people who want to build a better tomorrow
  • Cryptos dream bigger than any traditional business dares
  • Cryptos are more transparent, democratic, and decentralized
  • Cryptos are monetizing utility in specific, measurable, and testable ways
  • Cryptos love data and are using it in ways other organizations haven’t imagined
  • Cryptos know failure isn’t fatal and are iterating their way to viable solutions fast
  • Cryptos are tech-focused and aren’t subject to technological lock-in
  • Cryptos are using economics in entirely new and powerful ways
  • Cryptos are more inclusive domestically and internationally
  • Cryptos are excited about being underestimated (it’s like rocket fuel for them)
  • Cryptos are just getting started
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