Posted by John Lombaerde on April 27, 2015 - 7:33pm
Are you always in the market for free marketing tools?
Free is always better than paid, right?
Well, not always, it depends on your budget.  
In the case of most start-up companies there is no budget for paid tools, so the question is a no-brainer.
As you gain success, little by little, you can add paid tools, but only the ones that you feel you cannot live without.
Of course, a tool that has a one-time charge is far better than anything that has a monthly charge.
You have to examine anything that has a monthly charge, and make sure it is absolutely essential to your business before you invest in it. Nothing will kill your monthly cash flow more quickly than unnecessary monthly paid tools.  
That being said, even if you are highly successful when you run across a free tool that does a good job, why use a paid tool in it's place, right?
The link below has an excellent list of free tools for a variety of marketing tasks in five categories.
1) SEO
2) PPC
3) Social Media
4) Content Marketing
5) PR & Outreach 
There are nearly 60 tools on this list.  I am sure everyone can find at least a few useful tools to add to their marketing arsenal.  Good Luck in all your endeavors. 
Click ----> here <---- for the link to the post.  or here ----> Free Marketing Tools <-----
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