On LinkedIn I made a post today that reached a potential audience of 4,032,100 members!
It took a little more than one hour, but how is this possible?
It requires the use of LinkedIn groups.  Before I explain the details, this is the message I sent.
Title:  Today is the day Google begins checking websites for Mobile-Friendliness!
You may have heard of this, maybe not, but as of today (4/21/2015), Google will be favoring mobile-friendly websites in search results.

It is estimated that between 30-40% of current websites are not mobile-friendly.
Websites that are not mobile friendly will likely, (read most definitely), experience a downgrade in search engine rankings.
Here is the link from Google where you can run a quick one-minute test to check and make sure your website is both viewable and usable by tablets and mobile phones. 

This is a good tool, but has anyone seen a better one out there? 
If you have any question about this, or any other online marketing question, feel free to reach out.

I wouldn't want you to be one of the website owners who is taken by surprise by this Google update. 

Best of luck in all your endeavors!

John Lombaerde
Goldfinch Digital Publishing LLC
So how was a able to put this message in front of over 4 million potential members of LinkedIn?
I am a member of nearly 50 groups on LinkedIn, some of them have only a few thousands members, some of them have tens of thousands of members, some even over one hundred thousand.  I think the largest had something like 650k members.  They are mostly all small business and entrepreneur groups. 
On LinkedIn you can post a message in any group where you are a member.
Of course, you can't just post your promotional material.  It has to be informational, or educational.
The post above qualifies as an informational post.  The rules are very strict on this.
Some posts have to be reviewed by the administrator, but many do not, so that they will appear immediately.
Some of the groups also required approval, so that can take time.  I am still waiting for approval in some groups I applied for weeks ago.
I totaled up the members in each of the forty groups I posted to, and it came to over 4 million members.
How many people will actually read my post?  Who knows, but it certainly will be thousands, and likely tens of thousands, right?
How much did it cost to get this information in front of 4 million viewers?  Zilch, Zippo, Nada, not one thin dime.
Unless you have a very, very large following on Twitter, Facebook or any of they other social networks, this would be impossible, unless you paid for advertising, right?  Only if one of your videos went viral on YouTube would you have a shot at this many views! 
What a fantastic platform LinkedIn is, don't you think!  I sure do! 
I should mention that I had to visit each of the 40 groups on LinkedIn, and then copy and paste my post into the news feed each time. That is why it took over an hour. It only took me a few minutes to actually write the post. The first time you set up your LinkedIn groups you will want to take time over a few days, and not try to do it in a single session.
April 21, 2015 at 6:01pm
The post I wrote was a little different from a normal blog post. Instead of multiple promotional links, I had none except for the link to the Google website test. On Linkedin, everyone knows that you can get info on anyone by just clicking on their picture. I will watch the results over the net week, and see how this post affects my number of profile visits and inquiries. Anyone can easily make a connection with me because my email is on my profile page under contact information. I am hoping everything I have been doing on LinkedIn will produce good results from this effort, I will let everyone know how it works out.
April 21, 2015 at 7:14pm
Edited 4/21 at 8:20pm
I found out that there is a quicker way to post to groups, once you have written the post once. It actually should take less than 15 minutes to do what took me an hour or so yesterday. Even better!
April 22, 2015 at 9:26am
Edited 4/22 at 9:27am
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