Posted by John Lombaerde on March 25, 2015 - 5:13pmEdited 3/25 at 5:15pm
How hidden are you in incognito mode using your Chrome browser?  It turns out that Incognito mode is not very hidden at all.  Mostly it just hides your search activity from yourself. Your cannot see your own browser history, but anyone else, like your ISP, law enforcement, etc. can see your history and your IP address.  
Note: in Firefox this is called Private Window 
All your Internet search history is attached to your name for as long as data is kept. Obviously there is enough information on this particular topic to fill a book.  For most people it is enough to know that your data is kept by your ISP for a minimum period of 12 months by law.  
So the nickname for incognito  mode, (criminal mode), really means it is a good way for law enforcement to catch the bad guys if they are not particularly tech savvy, and not such a good place for criminals to hangout undetected.
Suggestion: try to keep this information away from them, so more of them can be caught. lol
Google serves search results in regular mode in Chrome, or other browsers based on what they think searchers are looking for.  Sometimes they provide the simplest or most obvious result.  Other times Google acts like the newspaper editor, sifting out the bad quality results, and keeping on the highest quality according to their own unpublished quality guidelines.
Again, sometimes Google is like the taxi driver who has all the local info, he knows the local scene, and knows what's popular with the locals and can make good recommendations.
Incognito mode is a good way to check Google search results.  Why is this true?
If Google thinks that your search term is appropriate for a local search result, you will be served local results.  If you are trying to check the US results and there is an local implication to the search as well as a broader one, you can use incognito to eliminate this influence.
By using Google Chrome's incognito mode at least you can minimize the effect of local bias in your search results.
I hope this information helps you in your promotions. 
Good Luck in your search results and search engine optimization. 
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