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There is a new skin for Thesis, called Effectus, and it is an impressive piece of work.
For more information, watch the following video.
Several years ago I made the decision to try Thesis, a WordPress framework.
A framework is a development platform, but in non-geek speak it simply allowed me to make a great deal of customization to my WordPress site without having to learn CSS or Php.  I know there are purists out there that will tell me that I shouldn't attempt to maintain a WordPress blog without adequate CSS or Php knowledge.  Yeah, yeah,I know I should learn both of those skills. but I have done just fine, thank you, with Thesis, and some HTML.  
It has worked for me, if you find it works for you too, then congrats, you saved yourself quite a bit of learning time, and more than a few headaches along the way in dealing with WordPress.  I went for the developer option, so I can also customize Thesis for my customers as well.
My lack of knowledge of Php bit me in the arse using standard WordPress themes, and that was a motivating factor in my decision to switch to Thesis. In the interest of fairness, there is another highly-rated WordPress framework out there called Genesis, and there are proponents on both sides, who claim that one is superior over the other.  I don't know Genesis very well at all, so I am not in a position to judge.  
The only thing I will say about Thesis is that their support is nothing less than fantastic.  They are super responsive, and the forum they have for support is active with knowledgeable people, willing to help at a moments notice.
The new Skin, (theme for Thesis) is called Effectus by Chris Pearson, and I think it rocks! Take a look at the video and see if you appreciate how easy it is to make modifications on the fly to your WordPress site that could only be done by well-experienced CSS and Php coders in WordPress.
If you are interested in a promo code for Thesis, shoot me a message and I will hook you up.
The promo codes and discounts change all the time, so I'd rather not publish them in this post.
Good Luck in all your endeavors, and let me know if some of your WordPress headaches have been eased by using Thesis.
PS - if you are really stuck and need a WordPress expert to help you out of a jam,  here are 2 WordPress Ninja's that will solve your WordPress problem, usually in less than 24-48 hours on Fiverr.  I have used both of them, and both of them are great at what they do.  Remember Fiverr gigs cost a mere $ 5.00 each.

   WORDPRESS_SEO (over 17,000 WordPress fixes delivered !)

   Also, AALIYAAN (over 9,000 WordPress fixes delivered)
You do need to supply your WordPress admin login information to them, just make sure and change the information as soon as they have resolved your problem.  If this is scary for you, (as it was for me the first time), just remember they are in business to solve your problem and make you happy.  Their business lives and dies by their reputation on Fiverr.  One bad review can significantly hurt their business, so they are highly motivated to meet your expectation.  I personally have never had any problems with any vendor on Fiverr.  (of course, I only use the very best vendors according to extensive research I have done.)
PPS - If you want to find the latest and greatest gigs on Fiverr, shoot me an email at [email protected], and I will send you a 249 page guide to Fiverr that I wrote, that will knock your socks off!  Free only for MarketHive members. 
Additional information at Goldfinch Digital Publishing LLC 
Oh - those promo code come and go all the time. This post was written last June, but if you Google something like "Thesis promo code", "Thesis discount", or "Thesis promo" you may be able to find a current promotion, either from an affiliate or from the developers. Thanks again for joining MarketHive! There quite a few good folks on this social network. Glad you could join us!
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