Posted by John Lombaerde on April 24, 2015 - 3:48pm Edited 4/24 at 3:49pm
How can you improve your connection request approval percentage on LinkedIn?

Here is a quick tip to get more of your connections approved using LinkedIn. As soon as you make the connection request on LinkedIn, copy the contact's name and search for them on Facebook. Then reach out to them to become a friend on Facebook.

Most people, (myself included), pretty much automatically approve friends on Facebook, but on LinkedIn, most people are more selective. For example, I don't approve connections on LinkedIn if there is no picture, little information, and few connections. That is not a worthwhile connection for me.

By reaching out on Facebook, most people visit their Facebook page more often then they visit LinkedIn. If someone accepts your friend request on Facebook, (as they probably will), they are more likely to approve your connection when they see your name again on LinkedIn. Simple, right?

In addition, I always use their first name on LinkedIn, and find a way to personalize the connection request in some way. Same group, some similar interest, etc. This will also help raise your connection approval percentage.


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PS - Have you tested your website yet for Google-Friendliness at

This is a serious issue that you should not ignore. I believe that this update will have the most impact on the largest number of websites of any Google update in their history of algorithm changes. 

It is estimated that 40% of websites could be affected by this update.  In my testing of more than 100 websites so far, I have found over 50% not to be in compliance.  There will be more and more news on this issue over the following weeks and months.  I predict that some companies are going to be very upset about it, (especially smaller ones).

At smaller companies if you have paid good money for SEO, social media placement, and other efforts to get good search engine position, this update could wipe out the benefits gained, if it is ignored. 
If you need help with compliance to this Google update contact me at [email protected]  
Note: not too many companies have the experience to deal with these issues.  The experienced web designers I work with, have the ability to deal with them. They will most likely be able to handle the job at a reasonable cost. Just send me your url for a quotation.  
Thanks.  Good Luck in your endeavors! 
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