Avinash Kayshik is one of the masters in Google Analytics.  Not just because that is his job at Google.  Some of the so-called gurus at Google rarely post about anything useful, except when there is a new product announcement, significant feature, etc.
Avanish is the real deal, in the sense that he is working in the trenches as a blogger, and using, studying, and always learning about analytics and how best to use analytics data.
This post is a technical one, so it not for the faint of heart.  Avinash Kayshik is also not an easy name to remember, but I always remember it because I was blown away by his talk at an SMX conference several years ago.
At the time, he was giving away his book Web Analytics 2.0, and he signed my copy of it, (a 446 page monster), in paperback. I thought was very generous of him, since he probably had writer's cramp after signing so many books that day.   
Of course it is most important to gain traffic to your blog, before diving into analytics, but it is a good thing to set up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools on each of your websites, as you build traffic.
Even if all you remember is the name of this guy, you can refer to his blog at some point in the future for his valuable insights.
Click to read ----> Occum's Razor by Avanish Kaushik <----
Avanash wrote a nice reply to my comment on his post as follows:

Avinash Kaushik
To [email protected] Today at 5:15 PM
John: You are so kind, thank you. I'm glad you found the post to be of value.

Web Analytics 2.0 is a book that shares frameworks and approaches to think analytically (in a smart way!). In as much the content continues to be of value.

Good luck!

April 21, 2015 at 12:27am
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