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Posted by John Lombaerde on January 15, 2015 - 12:35am
The Goldfinch Digital Publishing Group has been created to assist authors and content creators in their self-publishing efforts. It has been said that everyone has at least one book inside of them.
I think that is very true.  The age of digital publishing allows authors to distribute that content more easily than ever before in history. There are over 20 major digital publishers than can publish your content across the Internet.
The age of the ebook has arrived, and there are unique challenges to market ebooks as well as print books in this new digital publishing age.
For example, although ebook sales have been exploding at Amazon, there is more competition than ever before. At the end of 2013, Amazon had an inventory of two million titles.  At the end of 2014, this number had increased to a remarkable three million!  For an author to excel in this kind of environment it is not only the quality of writing that will insure success.  It is a sad and sobering truth that some of the most well written books will never be read!  This may have always been true, but in an age of so much opportunity and potential, it is a harsh reality that authors must acknowledge and find ways to overcome.  
Authors must employ high-level strategic marketing to insure that their work will not only be read, but will be successful in their chosen niche.  This applies to both non-fiction as well as fiction.  Experts in digital publishing will be tapped in this group to provide the kinds of education and training that authors desperately need in 2015 and beyond.
Thanks for your interest in reading this post.  Please join our group to take advantage of all the resources we have to offer! All are welcome.
PS - Why the word Goldfinch?  This is the name of my company, and the Goldfinch is a bird of good fortune that happens to be the state bird of NJ where I live.  I am not just about promoting my own company, however, I want everyone to succeed beyond their expectation.  MarketHive is just the place for that to happen!
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