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MarketHive has launched the first phase of its Inbound Marketing Tools suite that can change the game for users who want to have financial freedom. its always good to know that your apart of a special event that can change the way you do business online.
Quite simply, MarketHive is a Social Neural Network that's geared to take things to a whole new level while offering a way out for those who want to become a entrepreneur, and get out of their 9 to 5 daily routine. Now releasing this marketing tools suite, and its free to all members. The company initial phase will be released to only 1000 Alpha Founders, who will be the members and investors of the company.

Over the course of the year, as the crowd funding for the project gains ground, few more functions will be added to the suite to make it more appealing and of course beneficial to end users. Alpha Founder will have several benefits like having a personal profile page and the option of introducing new members to the marketing system.

Alpha Founder members also have the advantage of getting advertising credit to place advertisements on the system. The blogging system is integrated to the likes of facebook, linked-In and Twitter. The video section links directly into YouTube and the whole system is dynamic. The main benefit however is the lifetime limited revenue share in MarketHive of up to 20% limited to 1000 alpha Founders.

Importantly, users have been offered an opportunity to be a part of a quality product and project that has been over two years in making. It has been designed to suit all users’ needs and has an auto-responder that is considered to be of superior quality etc.

About MarketHive

It is a social neural networking platform that is making history with intuitive cognitive leads like never before. It is changing the way people interact online and do business while offering them an opportunity to become entrepreneurs and break out of their 9 to 5 mentality.

Louis Harvey
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