Step #1 - Click here 

Step #2 - Click on affiliate

Step #3 - Click the Play Button on the video below. Watch, follow along and complete each step as the video guides you through the process of creating your Karatbars gold account. It takes about 4 minutes...VERY simple.


Choosing and Purchasing a Karatbars Package.
Bronze - Silver - Gold - or VIP


If you wish to take advantage of and participate in the optional Karatbars Dual System pay plan, (that's where the BIG money is) the video below provides instruction for what to do to purchase your Karatbars package and walks you through the steps revealing how to do it. Takes about 6 minutes.


Step by Step Instructions for Uploading Your
KYC (stands for Know Your Customer) Documents

BE SURE to watch and follow along with the video below to learn what KYC documents are, how to upload those documents into your back office and why doing so is important. This step is necessary to get paid. Very IMPORTANT.




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